Spring Home To-Do List

When winter is finally over, we are left with a long list of home repair and maintenance projects to take care of in the spring. If your to-do list is long and you don’t know if you can find the time to complete it, consider hiring handyman services from a reputable company like IntelliSight Handymen Ltd. in Calgary. They share some home maintenance jobs you should take care of this spring:

Inspect, clean and seal the windows.

Inspect the caulking and weather stripping on all your windows. If you find damaged or cracked caulking, you’ll have to remove the old caulking and install new to ensure your home isn’t losing any energy. If you find that your windows require repair, contact the pros at IntelliSight Handymen to take care of that for you.

Clean out and repair the eavestroughs.

With the constant freezing and thawing we get each winter in Alberta, it’s important to inspect your gutters in the spring. They can become damaged over the winter or even come apart from the house. If this is the case, you will have to have them repaired. If your gutter system is unable to funnel water from rain and melting snow away from the house, it could start to pool and leak into your foundation causing all kinds of damage. Carefully climb up a ladder to clean out the gutters with a hand shovel and inspect them for damage. If they require repair, contact IntelliSight Hanydmen.

Clean and organize the garage.

Over the winter, the garage floor will become dirty from the sandy and salty snow melting off your parked vehicles. It’s a good idea to remove everything from the garage, sweep and hose down the floor. While you’re at it, you can build new shelving and other storage solutions to keep your things organized and easy to access this summer. Learn how to clean out the garage.

Repair and clean up the deck.

Spring is a great time to organize your outdoor space. Start with the deck. Sweep away any debris and give it a pressure wash if it’s dirty. You should also inspect your decking for any damaged or rotting boards and have them replaced. If your deck needs a fresh coat of paint or stain this year, spring is a good time to get it done. If you would like to build a brand new deck addition, contact IntelliSight Handymen for a free estimate!

Clear away the clutter.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and a great time to get organized inside the house! If you feel like you’re constantly cleaning up clutter and have trouble remembering where you put things, you could need some storage solutions including a custom closet or additional shelving. Having an organized indoor space will reduce stress and you’ll always know where to find things!

Handyman in Calgary

Intellisight Handymen Ltd. is a general contracting and handyman business specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations. They also do complete home renovations, maintenance, repair, storage solutions and home improvement service to both residential and commercial clients. They have a fully equipped workshop and expertise that provide custom woodworking services including outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas and custom-built decks.

Intellisight Handymen will strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that every service is completed right the first time. The next time you need assistance with your home renovation, repairs or maintenance, rely on a company that offers exceptional knowledge, experience and expertise.

Contact them today and take care of your spring maintenance and home renovations.


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