Stain colours to make your refinished kitchen cabinets pop

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to renovate your kitchen without a complete room overhaul. As your cabinets are the main feature in any kitchen, giving them a new look can really update your space. With wood cabinets in particular, instead of painting them, try staining! Working with that natural wood beauty and with the right stain will add back a timeless elegance to weathered cabinets.

BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor in Vancouver are a professional refinishing company. They suggest some fresh wood stains to make your kitchen cabinets pop with new life:

Dark Brown

Darker kitchens continue to be popular and look great paired with contrasting stainless steel. Dark brown can be a bold choice but is very eye-catching. Dark colours can work for either large kitchens or small ones, as long as there is enough contrast in the room. Pair bright stainless-steel appliances or lighter coloured tiles and countertops to help create that beautiful and timeless balance.


If you’re looking for something even bolder than dark brown, then why not stain your cabinets ebony? Black painted cabinets are another popular kitchen trend, but if you want to keep the wood look, then choose ebony. The dark colour is a perfect way to add a modern touch to your kitchen while still transforming your cabinets. Unlike black paint, the wood grain pattern will still show through an ebony stain. For a balance of dark and light, you can stain the lower cabinets ebony and leave the upper units a lighter tone.


If you’re looking for a neutral stain choice, without choosing plain white, choose a grey wood stain. Soft dove grey cabinets are a perfect way to add a weathered elegance to your cabinets and keep a lighter theme. The stain is light enough to either complement other kitchen colours or provide a neutral base for other bright colour splashes. Depending on the type of wood of your cabinets, you also have the choice of different shades of grey. From a classic gray to a weathered oak, or bolder such as a carbon gray, the choice is yours! Take a look at these grey kitchen design ideas for some inspiration in your own kitchen!

Cherry Red

Cherry stained cabinets remain a classic and traditional choice. This colour is often used in larger kitchens and paired with either bright contrasts or other complementary wood shades. It’s a perfect stain to use to refinish your cabinets with a new, elegant style. The colour itself is also a happy medium between dark and light that adds just the right amount of warmth to your kitchen. Thanks to its diversity, it’ll easily pair and match with any number of kitchen themes or colours.

Cabinet Refinishing in Vancouver

BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor specializes in giving new life back to wood cabinets. With over a decade of experience, your cabinet transformations are in the right hands! They pride themselves in their ability to make your cabinets look brand new and at no stress. Their experience, attention to detail and quality of work ensures their customers are always satisfied.

Contact BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor today for a free estimate!

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