Start to Finish Electrical Solutions

When it comes to electrical work, it’s not something you want to do DIY. Electricity is dangerous, and faulty electrical work can put you and your family at risk of injury or a fire. For electrical repairs and installation, you want to get someone that does high-quality, long-lasting work that you know is safe.

All Red Electric Ltd in Calgary is a full-service electrical contractor providing start-to-finish solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Residential Electrical Services

DIY home improvements can be fun and save money, but professional electricians should always handle electrical installations and repairs. Not only will this guarantee quality work and safety, but it also ensures compliance with the building code. Additionally, your home insurance policy likely won’t cover a house fire if DIY electrical work is the cause.

All Red Electric Ltd can handle all sorts of projects and make them last. Renovations? All Red can ensure you strike that all-important balance between functionality, efficiency and appearance. Or, if you need a repair, they’ll provide thorough repairs, so you don’t run into problems again.

Commercial Electrical Services

When it comes to commercial electrical work, you absolutely need a professional! You need experience handling more significant projects and attention to detail, so your business looks and functions to your needs.

All Red Electric Ltd has got you covered! They’ll ensure that you have a lighting environment that is safe, productive, efficient, and flattering to your product. They can handle the big stuff, like replacing commercial electrical panels, but also have the attention to detail to ensure that the lead display lights up just right. And if you have a problem? All Red prides itself on promptness and will make sure you’re up and running in time to not miss out on any business.

Industrial Electrical Services

When it comes to industrial electrical work, a professional is again an absolute necessity. With massive projects, things get confusing if no professional lighting plan is in place! All Red Electric Ltd carefully plans construction wiring to avoid awkward layouts. Or if the existing wiring is awkward, All Red can troubleshoot quickly to get the lights back on. Few electric companies in Calgary offer industrial electric service, but All Red is ready and willing to take on the job.

Electricians in Calgary

As you can see, no matter the kind of electrical work you’re dealing with, professionalism, standards, and building code compliance matter. Furthermore, you need work that is safe, designed for the long term, and fulfills its purpose. For quality electrical repairs and installations that last, trust the professionals at All Red Electric Ltd.

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