Tips for starting your kitchen renovation

You want your kitchen space to not only be functional, but to add character to your home, and to be a place where loved ones can come together. Here are tips on how to approach your kitchen renovation.

Start with a budget

When renovating your kitchen, just like any space in your home, you’ll want to set a budget first. Setting a budget not only keeps you and any people working with you on track, but it ensures that you don’t get carried away making different, costly decisions. You should also add about 10% of your budget to a contingency fund. Depending on the renovation or construction project, there might be unforeseen issues that will extend your budget. Being prepared for that will ensure you stay within your financial limits. 

Choose the layout 

If you’re doing a full kitchen remodel or whole-home renovation, you might decide to completely change the layout of your kitchen. This could be some simple reconfiguration of appliances, all the way to taking down walls to expand the space. You may want to add some features you didn’t have before, such as an island or a breakfast nook. A design team can help you create a design and layout you need to accommodate everything you want from your kitchen. Having a professional look at your space will ensure you’re getting the most out of your new layout. 

Build off of one material

Do you have one material that you know you want in your kitchen, like marble, wood, or granite? It may be easier to choose a design by starting with one material you know you like. For instance, if you find a natural stone you like for your countertops, you can then pull colours from the stone to match your kitchen, or keep things neutral to highlight the stone. You may also be able to incorporate the material in different features, such as tying the countertop into the backsplash. Read more smart kitchen remodeling tips.

With your budget in mind, your general contractor will help you choose materials that meet your needs for both design and function. They have strong relationships with quality suppliers, ensuring your project will get the materials and products needed at a competitive price.

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