Stone masonry and stucco to upgrade your home’s exterior

Improving your home’s siding or adding features to your exterior will take your home to a new level. Stone and stucco can be used to give your home that sought after curb-appeal. It can also be used to add unique accents and provide individualized flair.

Stone Solutions Inc. in Edmonton offers a range of masonry services to upgrade your home. Here they share just a few ways masonry can transform a home’s exterior.

Stone siding

Homeowners can choose from several options to give their home’s exterior a new look. Installing stone cladding is one such option. Installing stone on just the lower level of a home will bring elegance and curb appeal. A combination of stone and brick offers a unique finish that sets any home apart. In addition, the stone will help strengthen and protect your home’s exterior. Doing some research first to gather ideas to bring to your stone masonry contractor will help you choose a design that will fit your vision and your home.

Exterior stone accents

A few stone accents can genuinely improve the look of a home’s exterior. For example, a professional masonry contractor can add light stone features to an otherwise dark exterior to create contrast. Another idea would be to add stone to your home’s entryway. Or, large stone columns around the door create an exterior focal point. Likewise, the stone around a garage door will add different textures and make a home’s exterior stand out.


Stonework is one option that will upgrade the look of your home. Stucco is another. This siding application has been used for centuries and is still popular today. Stucco contractors can texture it in a vast number of ways. It can also be tinted or painted with exterior house paint. With stucco, professionals can also add embellishments to give your home a unique and attractive look.

On top of all this, stucco is a significant upgrade in protecting your home’s exterior. Its seamless finish ensures wind, rain, and snow doesn’t damage it. In addition, stucco can improve protection and energy efficiency.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton

In an era where fast is often prioritized over quality, Stone Solutions Inc. is committed to skillful work completed with care and attention. All their stone masons are fully licensed and insured. They can work with you to create custom designs to transform your home’s exterior and interior spaces. Stone Solutions also uses a large selection of building materials, so you can choose from various options. They also offer both natural and cultured stone. On top of stonework and stucco, Stone Solutions can provide Venetian plastering, micro cement plastering and mineral plastering.

Give Stone Solutions Inc. a call today to start your home renovation. 

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