Storage solutions for every room in the house

Custom storage solutions are necessary for more than just bedroom closets; they are beneficial for all rooms. Having storage solutions in all parts of your home will keep everything organized and attractive. You’ll never have to worry about finding items again or facing a messy and disorganized home. 

Kitchen storage

Extra storage and custom solutions in the kitchen will do a world of wonder for a clean, organized space. It’ll also help with maximizing all available space in the kitchen, like deep or high cabinets. Tall panel-style cabinet doors are a great way to keep a streamlined appearance in your kitchen. They can be used to hide the pantry or even the refrigerator. Using narrow and deep slide-out drawers is a clever way to store garbage bins, cleaning products, or pots and pans. You can easily access them and keep everything contained with closet organizers

Laundry room storage 

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are both spacious that can be maximized with proper storage and custom solutions. In the laundry room, think about storage for washing, drying, ironing, and folding. That way, you can create work zones with tailored storage that makes the work a breeze. Wall-mounted dryer racks will keep the floor space open, while narrow drawers can be used to store linen and towers. Open shelving is a great way to store towels or stack laundry baskets. 

Mudroom storage

In the mudroom, focus on racks to store shoes, hooks at various heights for jackets or winter clothing. If you have a family, your mudroom should be similar to a kid’s closets setup, so they can easily reach hooks and shelvings.

Another clever and visually appealing design is to mix cubbies with closed cabinets. It’ll help keep the room looking clutter-free while offering a range of ways to store items. A mudroom bench is another two-in-one storage function that is stylish and subtle. The bench lid lifts to reveal an open space or cubbies where shoes, umbrellas or other mudroom clothing can be kept. 

Bathroom storage

Big or small, any bathroom will benefit from a few custom closets in Calgary storage solutions and organizations. The great thing about bathrooms is that you can use the same storage from the kitchen or mudroom. Slide-out drawers and narrow shelves can store towels or shampoo without taking up countertop space. A Lazy Susan will make reaching cleaning products and supplies easy and won’t take up excess room. Install mounted rods and hooks in the shower to store shower supplies or small caddies. If your bathroom has the space, then a mudroom bench will add a spa-like feel with comfy seating, as well as hidden storage for bulkier items. 

Garage storage

Whether you use the garage as a workshop or just for storage, order and organization are just as important. Mounted hooks on the walls can easily mount bikes to keep the floor space open. Cabinets with various sized drawers and sectionals are a perfect space to conveniently storing tools or garden supplies. Keeping supplies off the floor will also help protect against moisture damage and make the garage safer and easier to clean and keep tidy. 

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