Stylish and custom kitchen renovation ideas

The word “custom” when referring to a kitchen renovation is often applied to cabinets or countertops, or storage. That said, there are many other and just as stylish ways to add custom additions to your kitchen renovations. With some of these ideas, your kitchen will be unique and eye-catching all over.

Rouse Projects in Calgary is a professional renovations company. They share some stylish and custom additions for your next kitchen renovation:

Have fun with the flooring

The kitchen floor takes up the most square footage in your renovation, so why not get creative with it. While neutral tile floors have been the standby for years, homeowners are choosing bold tile patterns and designs to add some personal flair to the kitchen. Like the kitchen photographed above, their unique tile flooring contrasts well with the light, bright white and neutrals in the rest of the space. If you want to do something creative, the design team at Rouse Projects can help!

Make patterns with the backsplash

A tile backsplash can become an eye-catching focal point in your new kitchen. Creating unique patterns with your tile is not only eye-catching but very unique. Try tiling just the bottom half of the wall and create alternating heights to create a mountain-like appearance. Another option is changing the tile direction in one part of the wall, like beneath the stove hood. That way, it creates a mini mural and visual break in a continuous pattern.

Work with different shades of one colour

When painting, following the rule of three is always a safe choice and a guaranteed way to get good results. But while that rule is usually paired with three different colours, why not play around with different shades?

For example, colours like blues and blacks especially have a diverse range of sub-shades. Blue can come in a steely blue, grey with blue undertones, or lighter and darker shades. Black can be played around with by using lighter shades or going wholly dark when painting cabinets for a truly striking finish. The results are unique and naturally will draw the eye around the entire kitchen.

Keep the existing quirks

If your kitchen has exposed brick walls, pipes, striking colours, and any other quirks, then it’s already a unique addition. So, instead of tearing it out or covering it up, why not work with what’s there? Exposed brick walls add a rustic, historical feel to a kitchen that really can work in any space. An exposed pipe is a fun design element that you can paint in pop shades like bright red or yellow to draw the eye deliberately.

Leave the cabinet white, but colour the inside

In kitchens that are already neutral overall, try painting the interior cabinets a completely new and bright colour. Shades of light orange, bright red, or yellow will add a unique splash and some fun to the room. It’s even better if you don’t use the colour anywhere in the room, as it will act like a feature wall or brand-new accent shade every time a door opens. Since it’s hidden away, you also won’t have to worry about working that new colour into other designs.

Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

Rouse Projects turns dreams into realities with their masterful and quality-assured renovations. Their professionals can help with remodels, renovations, new additions, construction and much more. No matter your project, you can trust their team to help.

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