Sub-categories of sunrooms to consider for your home

A sunroom is a functional, attractive, and valuable home addition. Within the typical sunroom designs, there are sub-categories and further ways to customize your new space. That way, your new sunroom will be a unique addition that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and home needs.

Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms is a professional sunroom building company with locations in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. They share some more designs and ideas when it comes to customizing and building your new extension:

The classic sunroom

What is classically thought of when sunroom’s come up is a separate room built with glass-enclosed walls. Unless insulated, a sunroom is used for warmer weather and isn’t hooked up to the home’s heating system. This type of home addition often becomes a secondary living room or place to socialize and entertain guests. If the maximum sun is the goal, then go for an A-frame design to really maximize the light. Insulating a sunroom is another possibility that makes them into a four-season space. Once insulated and routed to the HVAC system, you can comfortably use the space year-round. With Canadian climates, where winter covers half the year, an insulated sunroom is a great choice.

The greenhouse

With all that natural sunlight and open space, turning your sunroom into a greenhouse is the perfect use. Similar to insulated sunrooms, the lighting, temperature, and even humidity levels can all be customized. Either install a separate HVAC system or connect it to the house for full temperature control. If you design a greenhouse in an insulated sunroom, you can enjoy the greenery and fresh veggies year-round. It can even be a perfect way to avoid any winter blues, by having a welcoming and colourful space to visit.

Screen room

The design has the same layout and structure as a sunroom, but instead of glass, it has mesh-covered walls or windows. The mesh is durable and robust, even against pets, and keeps insects out while letting in the fresh air. While you can’t use the space in the winter, it is a great way to enjoy the warmer months without the heat and mosquitos. It’s also a great space to turn into a kid’s play area, so they get the benefits of the outdoors while still being close.

Which should you choose?

The first thing to consider is the climate you live in and how much sunlight your backyard gets. While the prairies have their share of warm months, the winter tends to be both long and cold. For that reason, an insulated sunroom or even a greenhouse sunroom might be a better option. Likewise, consider how much sunlight your yard gets during the day. A screen room may be a better choice if you have a sunny yard that tends to get hot easily. With screens, you can still sit outdoors and enjoy a cool breeze. There’s no right or wrong choice as any sunroom design will add great value to your home. Choose what works best for your needs and lifestyle. If you need help, ask Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms for advice.

Sunrooms in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg

Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms doesn’t just provide cookie-cutter sunrooms; they provide custom designs and options. Whether a classic sunroom, A-frame for maximum sun, or an insulated one for year-round use, they offer it all. They also provide custom additions like hardwood floors or electric fireplaces for further personalization.

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