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Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton | Stay Cool All Summer Long

Blog submitted by Hot to Cold Mechanical in Edmonton As the scorching heat of summer in Edmonton intensifies, air conditioners have become a lifeline [...]

3 Hidden benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning can be an integral part of home comfort. And when the heat hits Edmonton, air conditioning is a saving grace. Of course, cool comfort is [...]

Benefits of installing a new AC

Regular maintenance and repair from a professional HVAC company are essential for the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. However, every AC needs to be [...]

Maintain your AC during the summer

Typically, air conditioner maintenance focuses on preparing your AC unit for the summer and ensuring things are in working order. While that is important, [...]

Prepare your HVAC system and home for summer

Before long, you’ll be relying on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable through the summer months. Like anything mechanical, your [...]

Benefits and design ideas for a multi-level landscape

Why design a flat landscape when you can build vertically and benefit from more than one design element? With multi-level designs, you benefit from just that [...]

Air Conditioner Maintenance 101

Summer is here! When is the last time you serviced your air conditioner? The last thing you want to discover is that your air conditioner isn’t working [...]

When is it time to replace the air conditioner?

It’s that time of year again and the summer sun is finally shining. It's time to turn on the air conditioner to keep your home cool on those hot summer days. [...]

3 Reasons to Install an Air Conditioner

Is your old air conditioner breaking down? Have you finally decided to install one? Action Heating and Cooling LTd. in Edmonton share 3 reasons why you [...]

Sign Up for Worry-Free Home Comfort

Committing to regular maintenance of your HVAC system can prevent more costly air conditioning and furnace repairs, improve efficiency, ensure safety and [...]