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Blog post submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary Hazardous Material Testing for Asset Retirement Obligations of Buildings: Understanding the Process and Estimating the Cost When owning or managing [...]

Blog post submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary Asbestos was a common component in a variety of building materials and products due to its fire-resistant and insulating [...]

Blog submitted by Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary When starting renovations, identifying all materials that may be asbestos-containing is essential to uphold the safety of occupants and workers. [...]

Both asbestos and mould can lead to serious health effects when breathed in. Knowing the signs of mould or when to check for asbestos will keep your home [...]

While it used to be a popular option for several different home fixtures, asbestos is no longer used in construction. It’s common knowledge now that asbestos fibres can [...]