Basement Renovations In Edmonton

Ideas and tips for your basement renovation

Finishing an undeveloped basement or renovating a dated basement will significantly increase your living space. Put that space to use and find inspiration [...]

Must-add features for your basement renovation

Whether renovating for yourself or to sell, basements are the perfect way to add value and space to your home. There is a lot of potential for the space [...]

How to make a small basement feel larger

Given the right design and planning, even a small basement can have as much potential and appeal as a large one. The trick is to work within the space and [...]

Basement renovation ideas: work spaces and fitness areas

COVID-19 has changed the way many people work and learn. Many businesses have transitioned to a remote workforce, with employees working at home. [...]

Professional drywall installation for your basement renovation

If you're developing your basement, the drywall work will be a major component of that renovation project. For basements, drywalled ceilings are more modern [...]

How to know it’s time for a basement renovation

Sometimes we renovate for personal enjoyment, increased function and aesthetics. Other times, we must renovate because of damage, as part of regular [...]

Don’t make these basement renovation mistakes

Basement renovations in Edmonton can expand your home’s living space. Whether you’re making room for a growing family, need more storage, or want to [...]

Deck and basement renovation ideas with good ROI

Both interior and exterior renovations offer a two-in-one benefit when it comes to ROI and a lifestyle boost. Investing in your home now will maintain its [...]

Renovation Dos and Donts

Home renovations will improve the comfort, function, and aesthetics of your home. They will also increase property value. Because your home is an [...]

4 mistakes to avoid when finishing your basement

Finishing your undeveloped basement will give you extra living space. In fact, you can nearly double your functional living space and even add an [...]