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  If your bathroom’s design is out of date or it needs repairs, don’t wait! Put your faith in one of the best bathroom renovation companies in Vancouver! [...]

When renovating your bathroom, following the latest trends or picking a design from a magazine picture can be tempting. But, while it may look stylish, a bathroom renovation [...]

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Kitchen and bathroom renovations add significant value to your home, so why choose between the two? Instead of starting with just one, combine the two renovations and enjoy [...]

If you’re renovating the bathroom or kitchen, the plumbing fixtures are a significant component of the project. Faucets, showerheads, and toilets can be purchased directly through your renovation [...]

A bathroom renovation is a great investment. It can improve lifestyle, functionality, and even your home’s overall property value. When renovating the bathroom, it’s essential to choose the [...]

A bathroom renovation can improve looks, function, and resale value too. If your bathroom is small, there are many different solutions to renovate it so it can feel [...]

If you’re looking to renovate your smaller bathroom, there are ways to make it feel larger. Samrad Renovation in Vancouver offers bathroom and basement renovations. Here are some ways [...]