Fence Contractors in Edmonton

Why you should choose decorative fencing for your home

Decorative fencing, also called ornamental fencing, can complement the architecture of your property. They’re solid and long-lasting but also achieve an [...]

Trust your new wood fence to experienced contractors

A new wood fence can dramatically improve curb appeal and the look of your property overall. On the practical side, it provides privacy and security and [...]

Invisible fencing keeps pets safe

If you're looking for a fencing solution that will keep your four-legged family members safe, consider Invisible Fence. Invisible Fence of Northern [...]

Invisible fences: questions to ask yourself to help decide

When you build a new fence for your pet, you want to ensure that it will keep them safe and secure. Between materials, costs, and appearances, though, it can [...]

3 services a landscape construction company can do for you

When you think of landscaping, you likely think of retaining walls, garden beds, and freshly laid sod. While all of these things are an essential part of [...]

Fencing Materials: benefits and disadvantages  

Whether you are considering installing a new fence or just replacing an old one, there are many benefits to having a fence. Beyond the obvious privacy and [...]

When to install a new fence

A fence is an important feature of any home, as it acts as the framework for curb appeal, gives you a sense of privacy, and many other functions. As the [...]

The Value of a New Fence

Building a fence around your property will give your home security, privacy and improve resale value. Whether you are planning on living in your house for [...]

Installing an invisible fence for your pets

Protecting your animals and keeping them close to home has never been easier. With Invisible Fence®, you can allow your pet to play freely in the yard, [...]