Handyman in Vancouver

How a handyman can help your home or business

If you don’t get to them, all those little home repairs and maintenance jobs can start to add up. There might be somethings on your list that require [...]

Benefits of hiring a handyman to tackle general repairs

General home repairs can quickly build up and turn into a daunting and lengthy list of projects. Once it does, it may be hard to know where to start tackling [...]

How can a handyman help you around the house?

What exactly can a handyman in Vancouver do? That is a question that 604Handyman gets a lot from their potential customers. Simply put, handyman services [...]

Benefits of hiring a handyman for your caulking repairs

Caulking is one of those aspects of a home that comes readily finished and as such is usually easily forgotten. Unlike other maintenance, such as electrical or [...]

Attic care and maintenance

When you think about your list of your around the house maintenance and repair jobs, is your attic included on that list? If you haven’t taken a look at [...]

Vancouver Property Maintenance Services

Over time, your home will experience wear and tear and will need to have things repaired. Investing the time and money in regular home maintenance, both [...]

Important Exterior Home Maintenance Jobs

During the warmer months, it’s important to keep up on those exterior home maintenance jobs so you know your house is in good repair, looking it's best [...]