Tag: Major home Renovations in Calgary

If you’re looking for more living space but can’t afford to save for a new home, you still have options. Many homeowners replace their homes altogether and go [...]

As your lifestyle or household needs change, you may start thinking about selling to find a better fit. But before you leave a home or location you love, [...]

Whether your construction project is commercial or residential, you want the result to be high quality and long-lasting. This is easily achieved with insulated concrete forms for the [...]

You’re ready to renovate and create your dream home, but taking that first step can feel stressful. Major home renovations are a significant investment. They take time, money, [...]

A legal secondary suite will increase the value of your home and provide a cost-effective solution for multigenerational living. Families who want to live together can do so [...]

In older homes, walls typically separate the kitchen from the dining and living rooms with a wall. However, open concept floor plans have been trending for years, and [...]

An open-concept main floor layout has been popular for several years. Homeowners with older homes look for ways to open things up and renovate with an open-concept design. [...]

A well-designed lighting plan should be a component of major renovations in Calgary. Good light sets the mood, provides illumination for completing tasks and is part of the [...]

Whether you’re building a custom home or doing a major renovation to your current home, it can be tempting to skip out on some of the pre-construction planning. [...]