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A fresh coat of interior or exterior paint is a simple way to liven up a business space. Whether retail, office, hospitality, medical, or industrial, a fresh look [...]

One of the simplest ways to transform the look of a home’s exterior is with a professional paint job. Often, materials like stucco or wood siding might lose [...]

  A high-quality paint job and the perfect colour can completely transform a space. Regardless of whether the room is commercial or residential, the paint on the walls [...]

When you invest time and money into improving your home, it shows. Additionally, when you invest time or money into improving your home’s exterior can enhance curb appeal [...]

Many homeowners with older wood windows think they will eventually need to be replaced. In this case, they also might think their best bet is to replace their [...]

We know that most professional painting companies offer exterior and interior painting. However, there are various other services that you should look for. After all, you want a [...]

There are a few ways to maximize value and appeal for exterior paint renovations. Using the correct type of paint will last for years, protect your home, and [...]

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation and the drywalling portion is finished, the next step is to paint! Or, if you are just looking for [...]

Most exterior paint decisions are based around colour, the type of siding, or the best curb appeal choice. When you’re choosing paint for your home’s exterior, the things [...]

If your home’s exterior looks a little shabby or worn, an exterior paint job might be the solution. With freshly coated siding and trim, your home can look [...]