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If you’re renovating, you’ve probably found inspiration for your tile selection and might be considering installing it yourself. Tile is an attractive, durable, and hygienic material. Whether you’re [...]

Terrazzo is versatile, attractive, durable, and a great choice for your wall tile or flooring. It is a composite material made up of small chips of granite, marble, [...]

Marble has been a favourite building material since the ancient times. Greek and Roman artists and architects used marble in buildings and sculptures, with many of those structures [...]

  Over the years, you may start to notice the grouting on your tiles looking a little grubby or worn. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal, grout isn’t invincible [...]

There are many benefits to installing tile  in your home. Not only is it attractive, it is also very durable, easy to clean and can improve your property [...]

Tile flooring beautiful, adaptable to a wide variety of home design styles, comes in a variety of colours and patterns.  It’s long-lasting, easy to clean and upgrading your [...]