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Owning a home is rewarding in many ways, but it also requires a lot of work. Regular home maintenance and repairs, wear and tear that requires renovations, and value-adding home upgrades will all need doing.

Handyman Connection of Ottawa offers an extensive range of home maintenance, repair, and renovation services. They share the benefits of having a single company take care of it all.

Finding a contractor your can trust

Finding a home contractor you can trust can be a job in itself. First, you must do your research to ensure business licensing, insurance, WCB coverage, experience, and a good reputation. You need a company that will do quality work and provide a positive experience with every project.

Handyman Connection is RenovationFind Certified, which means all the background checks are complete. Each of their craftsmen also goes through an extensive background check when hired with the company. As a result, the people working in your home will have experience, skills, and will be trustworthy. Once you find that home improvement company you can trust, you know you’ll always have someone to count on for the next project.

Multiple jobs by the same company

Handyman Connection offers a team of diverse and skilled trades. So, if you need a plumbing repair in the bathroom and a light fixture installed in the kitchen, they have a plumber and an electrician that can help. This allows you to make a list of home upgrades and repairs and get a quote for all of them in one go. You won’t have to worry about finding and hiring multiple companies to complete all the work you have. Hiring a single company for various jobs is efficient, cost-effective, and easy!

Fully managed home renovation projects

Handyman Connection offers interior and exterior renovation projects. Their team can manage basement renovations, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and other interior home projects. Or, if you need a new roof and siding, you can rest easy knowing their team is managing and taking care of the project. That includes managing and scheduling trades to work on various parts of the project. For example, they make sure the drywall installers get the work done in time for the painters, that the flooring installers come on time, trim is complete and so on. From consultations and quoting to the design stage and through construction, you can rest easy knowing your home project is being managed by an experienced professional.

Home Renovations and Handyman Services in Ottawa

Handyman Connecting in Ottawa can help you with all your home improvement projects. Their craftsmen have the expertise, tools, and experience to get the job done right. They are passionate about making your home improvement dreams come true. For repairs, installations, maintenance and remodels trust the professionals at Handyman Connection.

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