Year-round yard maintenance makes a big difference

Keeping your property looking its best is a year-long task. Fortunately, professional landscaping and property maintenance services make having an attractive and functional yard easier than ever.


Do you have the yard of your dreams? Or does it leave something to be desired? Professional landscaping transforms your drab, empty yard into a beautiful, functional space. One that suits your unique personality and lifestyle! 

Property management companies offer a range of landscaping services. For example, they provide hardscaping to Calgary homeowners. This includes fences, decks, benches, walkways, and patios. All are highly functional; however, they also improve the aesthetics of your yard. Learn more about hardscaping.

Additionally, fresh sod, mulch, and aggregate are essential parts of almost every landscaping design. Mulch protects against weeds and protects flowers from temperature changes. Fresh sod, on the other hand, brings new life to your struggling lawn.

Spring Cleanup

Winter takes a toll on everyone’s yards. Spring cleanup gets your property ready for a new season. In addition, it ensures that your yard thrives throughout spring and summer. This service is a vital component of all property maintenance.

During spring cleanup, a yard care company aerates, power rakes, and fertilizes your lawn. Plus, they clean up all garden and flower beds. This sets your property up for success! Your landscape will be healthier and flourish as a result.

Fall Cleanup

Your yard needs a lot more attention in autumn. Falling leaves, branches, and other debris can accumulate quickly. If not removed, this plant debris harbours diseases. These negatively impact the plant life on your property later on.

Professional lawn care companies remove all plant debris before winter sets in. As a result, your property is healthier when spring arrives. It also looks better in the meantime.

Snow Removal

Calgary residents are no strangers to snowfall. Clearing your driveways, footpaths, and parking lots is essential for safety and is required by municipal bylaws.

Professional snow removal services are your best defence against the snow. Most companies provide 24/7 snow removal services to keep snow and ice at bay. They’ll be there within 24 hours of the snowfall to ensure your property is clear. 

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