Ten Tips for Renovating Your Basement

Basement renovations can nearly double your home’s usable living space and will increase the value of your home. Finishing or remodeling your basement can be a big job. Hiring a professional general contractor can help this project run smoothly, efficiently and with the best results. RTA Contracting in Calgary shares ten tips for renovating your basement.

Plan the right exits

It is a common building code requirement for houses to have safe exit routes in case of an emergency, most especially in bedrooms. Check with your local municipality regarding the size of windows required in your basement bedrooms. Not only will larger windows create a safer escape route if there’s an emergency, they will also let in more natural light.

Create a design and style

This is the fun part! Will your basement’s remodel match the look and feel of the rest of your home? Do you want to create a rustic retreat, sports-themed man cave or an authentic home theatre? If you’re not sure where to start, contact RTA Contracting to help you create the perfect design plan for your basement renovation.

Deal with moisture issues

The basement should not be wet for any reason. If you notice any moisture or water coming in through the foundation or window, hold off on your basement renovation until that problem has been fixed. If water is coming in, it will only destroy the work that you’ve done and moisture can create mould growth which is hazardous to your health.

Think out of the box

Get creative with your basement renovation! Whether you are changing the lay-out, designing the lay-out from scratch in an unfinished basement, or just doing a little freshening up there are endless possibilities when it comes to a basement remodel. Check out these 11 Ideas You’ve Got to See Before Finishing Your Basement.

Check your basements height

In older homes, basements were not built to be living spaces and some have very low ceilings or low duct work and pipes. If this is the case, you might have to re-located these systems to make the space more livable. This can be a daunting task. Get expert advice and help from a professional general contractor.

Drainage system

Your basement renovation might include putting in a new bathroom. You will likely have to rough in some plumbing in order to connect your bathroom fixtures to the main plumbing system. Depending on where your lines are, you might need to jack-hammer your concrete floor to run in your lines with the main drainage. Before attempting this, get the advice of a professional plumber. In many jurisdictions, you will need an inspection and signature from a Master Plumber in order to be compliant with building regulations.

Know the hazards you are exposed to

If you have an older home, your basement could have been finished with building materials that have asbestos in them. Asbestos was used in floor tiles, insulation and other building materials and when disturbed can be extremely dangerous. Basements that were finished years ago could also have faulty electrical work which should be replaced or repaired by a license electrician.

Consider building a secondary suite

Building a secondary suite in your basement can increase your home’s resale value and provide a rental revenue stream. Basement suites are very attractive to potential buyers and is a great investment. The City of Calgary offers a lot of information regarding registering or legalizing secondary suites. Learn more about secondary and backyard suites here. 

Leave room for improvement

When you’re renovating your unfinished basement, consider other improvements you might want to do in your home in the future that would require new electrical or plumbing. While the basement walls and ceilings are wide open, installing these components would be easier, less intrusive and less expensive. An example of this would be running new plumbing for a future upstairs bathroom.

Noise Reduction

Will your new basement have a home theatre complete with epic surround sound? Do you plan on using the space for band practice? Sound reduction by installing insulation into the basement would certainly help reduce noise. If your basement is insulated properly to reduce noise transfer, you can make all kinds of noise down there without disturbing the peace upstairs.

General Contractors in Calgary

When it comes time to renovating your home, you need a company that understands both the financial implications of renovation, as well as the impact on your family’s quality of life. RTA Contracting delivers the best quality renovation services in the Calgary Area, enhancing the lives of every person involved in the renovation process.

RTA Contracting is a full-service renovation company. In business for over 12 years and serving Calgary and surrounding areas, RTA has an exemplary portfolio of complete home renovations, re-roofing, deck design and builds, basement and basement suite developments and customized kitchens and bathroom renovations. The core values of RTA Contracting are to be 100% transparent and deliver quality renovations. RTA Contracting uses best practices to ensure customer satisfaction of their projects. Big or small the team is ready to go to work for you.

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