Textured drywall versus choosing a smooth finish

Textured drywall ceilings are popular looks and for a good reason. They add a sense of coziness to spacious rooms and help with soundproofing. Still, smooth ceilings are equally appealing, especially when you want a modern look. So before you choose one or the other, consider a few things.

Glacier Drywall Systems Inc. in Calgary is a professional drywalling company. They share some tips when deciding whether to texture or leave your drywall ceiling smooth:

Types of drywall textures

There are four main types of ceiling textures that are the most popular for adding texture to a ceiling.

Skip troweling creates a rough texture to the ceiling by pushing the compound in a way that “skips” to create a distinct bumpy surface.

Knockdown texture is applied by spraying the compound and then scraping it lightly to create the texture. The look is more subtle and has less shadowing, which helps keep the ceiling looking open and spacious.

Orange peel can vary from a fine spray to small pockets of splatter to add a touch of dimension. Either way, the texture adds more personality and visual interest to the ceiling without being dominating.

Finally, hawk and trowel is another popular look that resembles sweeping waves across the ceiling. It’s a calming texture that’s great for bedrooms or living rooms. 

Texture ceilings

Choosing to apply a texture, even a subtle style, has many benefits. For example, textured ceilings very easily hide any blemishes like scratches or imperfections. The application is also less involved than a smooth ceiling, so it costs less time and money to install. Once in place, that texturing also helps damped noises both within and outside the room.

Texturing isn’t without some considerations, such as a bit of maintenance as dust will cling more readily to thick textures. Also, while large rooms pair well with a textured ceiling to add some closeness, small spaces don’t always work. Sometimes the texture can have the opposite effect and make the room feel even smaller.

Smooth ceilings

Smooth ceilings offer different benefits and appeal without any texture to draw attention. The clean look is much more modern and sleeker and can transform a dated ceiling into something new. Smooth ceilings also add a sense of height and depth that adds the illusion of more space to a room. In a small room, this can be a great way to open up the room without knocking down any walls. A clean ceiling also offers the option to apply a colour to dress up the look and add a feature attraction.

However, if you have a smooth ceiling in a game room or playroom, keep in mind that it will readily show imperfections. It also doesn’t damped noise, so sounds and voices will carry in a large room. 

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Glacier Drywall Systems Inc. provides full-service insulation, drywall, and ceiling texturing at top quality. They provide a unique process to transform your old ceiling or repair drywall damage. Excellent workmanship, professional customer service, and open communication will help your job run smoothly. Plus, no job is too big or too small for their team.

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