The advantages of asphalt shingles for your home

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials in Alberta. It’s durable, cost-effective, and versatile in design. However, there can be a difference in quality and longevity, so it’s essential to purchase high-quality roofing products with a warranty. 

Century Roofing Limited in Calgary offers residential and commercial roofing services, including replacement, maintenance, and repairs. Here, they share the advantages of choosing asphalt shingles for your home: 


Asphalt shingles are versatile in aesthetics and application. For example, they come in various colours, shades, and styles. In addition, roofers can install them at different angles, shapes, and forms. This variety allows you to add rich architectural style to your home and complement its current look. A new asphalt roof will boost curb appeal.  


When purchasing asphalt shingles, it’s essential to go for shingles with a high impact rating. Shingles with a Class 4 impact resistance rating can stand up to harsh elements like wind and storms. Specifically, IKO asphalt shingles are designed to meet the industry’s most stringent wind-resistant tests. 

You can also purchase shingles with a higher fire rating. Asphalt with a high fire rating comes with a fibreglass mat and can help protect your home from fire spread. 

Investing in high-quality asphalt shingles will ensure your roof passes the test of time. For example, quality shingles combined with preventative maintenance ensures your roof lasts 30 years or more. Read these important signs you need a new roof


Asphalt roofing is popular because it is less expensive than other options, like metal and wood roofing. The lower cost is because asphalt roofing shingles are mass-produced, allowing them to maintain a lower price point. 

However, beware of shingles with rock-bottom prices. Before purchasing low-priced products, make sure to check their impact resistance rating and check for warranties. It’s worth spending a little more on high-quality shingles. Then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected and won’t have to worry about premature repairs or replacements. 

Ease of install

Asphalt roofing shingles are easier to install compared to other roofing systems. An experienced roofing contractor like Century Roofing Limited will have your roof up in no time. The installation time depends on the size and complexity of your roof, and your roofing contractor can give you an accurate timeline after your initial consultation. Additionally, because of the ease of installation, you’ll pay less for labour in the long run. 

Roofing in Calgary

Century Roofing Limited is a family-owned and operated company in Calgary that offers residential and commercial roofing and siding services. Roof repairs, maintenance, re-roofing, roof replacements, siding, eavestroughs, fascia, and soffits are among their many services. They offer 40 years of experience and three generations of expertise. In addition, Century Roofing commits to honest and ethical business practices, offering exceptional customer service and high-quality products every time.

Need a new roof? Contact Century Roofing Limited! 

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