The advantages of commercial concrete floor coatings

Concrete flooring is a common flooring option for industrial and commercial buildings. It protects the floor from heavy traffic, heavy machinery, spills, and looks good too. Bow River Concrete is a concrete contractor in Calgary and they offer concrete floor coatings. Here are some advantages to this option for your commercial building:

Concrete coatings will protect the floor

Floors in commercial applications can see a lot of traffic. With other flooring options, you might start to see the wear where people or things are moving around more. With a concrete floor and concrete floor coatings in Calgary, you can protect the floor from this heavy traffic. Whether it’s caused by foot traffic, heavy machinery, or things being moved around, the floor coating is durable and long-lasting.

It is spill and stain resistant

If you spill something on a porous concrete floor, it can absorb the spill and cause staining. Concrete floor coating will make the flooring more spill and stain-resistant. Oil, chemicals, or other less toxic spills can be cleaned up easily with cleaner and water. This will protect the floor from stains.

Concrete floor coatings are attractive

If you want to improve aesthetics in your commercial or industrial space, Calgary concrete contractors can help. Concrete floor coatings will make a floor glossy and bright. Not only does it help reflect light, saving energy required to light the space, you can also customize the floor for your business. For example, some companies might choose to have their logo embossed on the floor. You can choose from a range of designs and finishes, and make your new floor truly unique. Check out these floor coating ideas.

It can make a workspace safer

Floor coatings can improve slip resistance on the floor. Slipping and falling can cause personal injuries, which is something you want to prevent. You can also change the style of the floor to designate certain work areas. For example, the area where machinery is operated can have a clear border around it or a different colour than the rest of the floor. This lets staff know where they should be and what areas they need to be cautious in.

If you want more information about concrete floor coatings, contact Bow River Concrete.


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