The Advantages of Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is growing in popularity and is a great alternative to traditional home heating methods. Pipes are installed underneath the flooring and hot water runs through them, heating your home from the floor up. Hydronic heating comes with many advantages. Modest Plumbing in Surrey shares some of those advantages. 

Cleaner and greener

A major benefit of hydronic heating is how clean it is. Outside air makes it easier for dirt particles to clog a conventional furnace heating system. It requires constant maintenance to keep your furnace, filter, and ducts clean. Not doing so will strain the system and result in needed repairs. With a hydronic heating system, you won’t have to worry about that. Using water, the system provides warmth in a way that is dust and dirt-free, reducing allergens in the home and the cost of ongoing maintenance. 

Hydronic heating is also a greener way to heat your home. It’s very sustainable and requires little energy usage. Plumbers in Surrey can share more information about the environmentally-friendliness of hydronic heating, encouraging homeowners to take the green route with their heating systems. 

More efficient

With Canada’s long and cold winters, energy bills can really add up. Luckily, hydronic heating is a very energy-efficient heating option. Water is a great conductor, better than other systems using air. Hydronic heating systems are also sealed, meaning that the heat produced won’t escape the system. Hot air rises, so the warmth from the floor will soon fill the room and help maintain home comfort. Keep your home’s temperature properly regulated with a hydronic heating system

Versatile installation process

When it comes to installing the hydronic heating system, it’s more malleable than another system. They fit the floorplan of your home, rather than having to install things like ductwork around the walls and ceilings. Retrofits that work well with hydronic heating include basements and bathrooms. The plumbers in Surrey know how to make your home’s installation process that much easier, and will get it done right. 


Because hydronic heating is installed under the floors, only the rooms it is installed in will be warmed. The system can also adapt to different rooms, keeping some zones of your home warmer than others. You want a pro to install your hydronic heating system in your home, and Modest Plumbing’s plumbers in Vancouver have the knowledge to get the job done right. 

Quiet as a mouse

When your heating system kicks in, you can usually hear it the entire time it’s on. Hydronic heating systems, however, are completely quiet because they don’t use air and fans. Keep your home heated properly, and quietly, all year round with a hydronic heating system. 

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