The Art of Spray Painting

By Frank Mosquera, Interior and exterior painting specialist from Alberta Colour Painting Ltd.

Are the furniture items in your house looking shabby? The best way to get the shine back in your furniture is by painting the furniture pieces. You must be thinking of painting the furniture with the help of a brush and a roller. It will take a lot of time if you plan to use a roller and a brush for painting the furniture items. Things that are bigger in size should be painted with spray paint. In today’s modern age, a large number of people are opting for spray painting. Painting with a brush is a tedious task. Spray painting is a convenient way of painting which provides a smoother paint surface.

The right application of spray paint can brighten up the look of your furniture and other elements of your home. To get a fresh look at the old items, go for spray painting. Spray painting is widely used in domestic places and commercial sectors. Spray painting is used in different types of industrial equipment. With each passing day, the use of spray paint is incredibly increasing. The industrial sectors are also employing the technique of spray painting. From spraying the concrete floors of a commercial building to different types of commercial equipment, spray painting is a fast and economical way which is highly used in commercial projects.

Uses of Spray Painting

For painting small items, you can use a brush and rollers. When you are painting large size items, spray painting is used by the spray painters. You can style up metal items or a brass item and other materials of your home by using a spray painting device. No matter which materials you wish to spray paint, you can be assured of getting a smoother finish. From furniture to metal pieces, spray paint can make the items look new. There are several items and equipment which have hard-to-reach corners. To make sure that the paint reaches every corner and edge of an item, spray paint is applied.

Vital Insights on Spray Painting

The reason for using spray paint is that it helps finish a painting project in no time. Spray painting is easy to use and it dries faster than the traditional painting. Spray painting is basically oil-based which helps adhere to the surfaces of the objects properly. Owing to its versatile quality, spray paint can be applied to ceramic, concrete, wood, metal, plastic, glass, plaster, canvas and laminated surfaces. A good quality spray paint can stick to any outdoor and indoor surfaces. It is necessary to keep the temperature in mind before starting spray painting. Spray paint will not adhere to objects if the outdoor temperature is too wet or cold. Spray paint can bubble or crack in the wrong weather conditions. Therefore, it is advised to do spray painting when the weather is warm. You can also apply spray paint when the level of humidity is below 65 degrees.

Several Types of Paint Sprayers

Days are gone when you have to use rollers and brushes for painting the rooms or other objects in your residential and commercial places. Various types of paint sprayers have made the job of painting easy for professional painters. Paint sprayers are the effective and professional tools that help execute the painting tasks in the residences and industries in a comfortable manner. There are several types of paint sprayers that have different features. Some prominent air sprayers are compressed air sprayers, airless air sprayers and high volume low-pressure sprayers.

Conventional Sprayers and Airless Spray Painting

Compressed air is used in conventional sprayers which are found in workshops. Conventional sprayers are high-pressure sprayers which release a large quantity of paint. Although conventional sprayers are comfortable and faster, these sprayers are noisy. If you do not want a smooth finish and you have a small area to paint, then you can go for conventional spray painting.

In the present age, the spray painters make use of the airless spray painting. It is considered as a convenient painting technique. If you want to do the spray painting in a short time span, then the airless spray painting is implemented. Also, if you wish to have a smoother finish on the wooden items, then airless sprayer is used which helps apply the paint in an impeccable manner. In the airless sprayer, the paint is pumped at high pressure with the help of a hose. Through a tiny hole in the spray gun tip, paint gets sprayed on the objects.

There are various gun tips that are used for various purposes. Different liquids such as varnish, thicker liquids and stain can be sprayed through the gun tip. The airless sprayer provides a smooth finish on woodwork, doors and cabinets (when doing kitchen cabinet painting). The positive side of an airless sprayer is that you will be able to apply a lot of paint from a can in a short time. If you have taken up big painting projects, then using an airless sprayer can be beneficial for you.

Spray Painting Benefits

Spray Paint Much Faster: You can complete the painting project in next to no time with the help of the spray painting. This effective spray painting lets you paint at a faster speed. Moreover, spray paint dries quickly. As a result, you can touch water-related objects and varnishes in no time.

– Supreme Quality Finishes: When you invest in spray paint, then you can expect superior quality finishes. You will not have to face through sags, drips, or trapped air bubble problems in spray painting.

– Multipurpose Use: Use spray paint for various purposes. If you want to use shading or toning techniques which you cannot do with your hand, spray painting lets you do various painting techniques.

– Learn Quickly: You can learn spray painting with ease. As compared to the conventional methods, spray painting helps you get a professional finish in a less time span.

– Easy to Handle: Handling spray painting devices is quite simple and easy. You can adjust the flow of air-fluid or pressure without any difficulty.

Get a polished finish in your domestic and commercial items by using spray paint. Dump traditional painting and embrace spray painting in Calgary for completing your painting projects quickly.


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