The benefits of a water softener

The primary source that Edmonton gets its water from is the North Saskatchewan River. EPCOR has classified the water as moderately hard regarding the minerals it contains. There are disadvantages to having hard water in your home, but don’t worry. It’s easy enough to fix.

Ritz Mechanical Services in Edmonton can help soften your water, and has three reasons why you should:

Help your appliances and pipes last longer

One of the notable issues with hard water is the eventual build-up of minerals within a home’s piping system. With prolonged use, this mineral build-up is even seen within appliances that use water like dishwashers or washing machines. By softening a home’s water supply, you can reduce the build-up of scale which can help to extend their life. Save yourself the cost of unneeded replacements or repairs that hard water can cause.

Soft water is more effective

When a home has hard water, it’s easy to notice. Things like dish soap or hand soap don’t produce as much lather, which means you wind up using more. It’s also seen with detergents as the minerals in hard water sometimes caused the soap to form a tacky layer. Running a load through twice to clear it means increasing your water consumption and increasing the minerals in your appliance.

Hard water can be tough on your skin

Hard water can cause dry, irritated skin. This is because the minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium can clog your pores. When minerals are present on the clogged pores, the skin can dry out, become flaky, itchy, and uncomfortable. People who suffer from dry skin can often find relief when their water is treated with a softener.

Hard water doesn’t rinse soap as well

Hard water also means it can be difficult to get the soap out of hair or clothes when you’re washing. If you don’t get all the soap out of your clothes, this can cause a skin reaction when you wear them.  Soap that doesn’t get washed out can also stain your clothes, which is very annoying to find. Not washing all the soap out of your hair is bad for your scalp and can cause other skin issues.

Plumbers in Edmonton

Ritz Mechanical has offered plumbing installations and repairs, hydronic heating, and water purification services to Edmonton for over 20 years. Their multi-generational plumbing knowledge means that you can feel confident in trusting their work. They recognize the importance of their customers, and they are committed to providing exceptional service. They have a lot of repeat customers and look forward to welcoming new customers as well.

Reach out to Ritz Mechanical Services for your filtration needs today.

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