The benefits of an irrigation system for your lawn

Lawn care is a big part of being a homeowner and one that comes with a time commitment. Regular watering, mowing, and aeration all play into a healthy lawn. While it all can feel like a costly investment, there is a way to cut on both costs and time. Built-in irrigation systems are a great investment that ensures your lawn stays green, healthy, and easy to maintain. 

Quality Sprinkler and Supplies in Edmonton is an underground lawn sprinkler company offering installation, services, parts, and supplies. They share more about the benefits of an irrigation system for your home:

Greener lawn, greener home

Irrigation systems are built on clever technology that includes timers, water gauges, and even WIFI connections for remote control. Your lawn will be watered to the amount it needs, without ever over or underwatering your lawn. Compared to traditional sprinkler systems, irrigation saves a great deal more water, making it much more environmentally friendly. A healthier lawn helps prevent erosion and reduce air pollution. Greener homes are also popular among potential buyers, making your home a market contender.

Boosts curb appeal

Lush, green lawns are much more visually appealing than ones covered in brown patches or pale in colour. An irrigation system can not only provide a healthy lawn, but it also keeps it healthy year-round. Even in the middle of summer, when excess heat can dry out a lawn, your grass will stay green and healthy. That, in turn, will keep your home’s curb appeal high along with its value. Irrigation systems are also hidden in the ground, so there are no bulky parts or pieces to take away from the lawn.

Limits lawn disease

Excess water is the ideal environment for fungi, weeds or pests to settle in and cause damage. In severe cases, the lawn will need to be removed or treated with costly sprays and pest control to handle the problem. Irrigation systems can help prevent this by maintaining a perfect balance for your lawn. Some systems can directly direct water to the plant’s roots, limiting how many weeds take root. The water system can also be installed in specific parts of the yard to ensure optimal watering only where it is necessary. With a healthier lawn and more control, you’ll have better savings down the road.

Your flower and garden beds get watered when you’re away!

When you go on vacation or go to the lake on the weekend, their micro irritation system can water your flower beds and hanging plants. Flower beds, vegetable gardens, and hanging plants tend to dry out much faster than grass. With this system, you can control your flower watering from essentially anywhere in the world. So you can go on your holiday without worrying about your plants, or having to ask your neighbour to water them for you!

Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation in Edmonton

Quality Sprinklers and Supplies prides themselves on their quality sprinkler systems and installation. They offer irrigation installation, landscape lighting, DIY kits for plowing and trenching, and more. Their professionals also have the skills and experience to help with any advice or handle the work for you. Whatever you need, their professionals are ready to help.

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