The benefits of concrete lifting vs new concrete installation

Alberta’s winters are hard on driveways and other concrete surfaces. Over time, especially if the concrete wasn’t installed properly, it will crack, split and become uneven. Many people think they must replace their concrete to handle this problem. However, this is not the case! Concrete lifting is another option that has many benefits over replacing your concrete.

In this article, Sunny South Insulators in Calgary discusses concrete lifting and its advantages.

Concrete lifting

Concrete lifting, also sometimes referred to as mudjacking or slab jacking, is a method for repairing sunken and cracked concrete surfaces. For example, driveways, sidewalks and concrete steps and patios. With this method, skilled professionals will use special equipment and high-quality spray foam to level the sunken concrete. This spray foam will not shrink over time and will keep your concrete surfaces looking (and functioning) their best. Check out this video to see Sunny South Insulators at work using concrete lifting to repair sunken concrete.

YouTube video

Why choose concrete lifting?

There are many reasons why concrete lifting is an excellent solution for cracked and sunken concrete, especially over other methods, such as new concrete installation or even asphalt. Read on to learn more.


Replacing cracked and sunken concrete is very expensive. The cost of concrete alone has risen quite a bit in recent years. Even asphalt, though less expensive than concrete, is a pricey replacement method. Asphalt also doesn’t have the longevity that concrete does. On top of this, the labour associated with replacing concrete steps or slabs makes this option a hefty investment. Additionally, unless the ground issue is resolved, your new concrete could start to sink over time again.

Concrete lifting requires far less time and is less labour-intensive than concrete installation. In addition, using spray foam to level your concrete means you will cut down your material costs significantly as well.

Easy fix

As mentioned above, because concrete replacement is labour-intensive, it takes a lot of time to get the job done. In addition, their machinery will take up space around your house, bringing many weeks for concrete to completely cure. As a result, your walkways, driveways and steps could be off-limits for a while.

On the other hand, skilled professionals can complete concrete lifting quickly and efficiently. It only takes 15 minutes for the spray foam to dry! This means you’ll be back to using your improved concrete spaces in no time.

Quality results

On top of restoring your concrete surfaces to their original forms quickly, levelling your concrete will also improve ground support. This is because when contractors inject spray foam under your concrete slabs, it creates an excellent foundation. Consequently, your concrete sidewalks, steps, driveways and other surfaces will look their best for years to come.

Concrete Lifting in Calgary

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