The Benefits of Keeping Your Wood Windows

Many homeowners with older wood windows think they will eventually need to be replaced. In this case, they also might think their best bet is to replace their wood with vinyl windows (PVC). However, keeping your wood windows offers many advantages.

In this article, Once In A Lifetime Painting in Winnipeg discusses the benefits of keeping your wood windows. They also discuss how your wood windows may need repairs to ensure they’re as efficient as possible.

Repair and repaint costs vs. replacement

When PVC windows run their course or incur any damage, they must be replaced. In other words, you can’t repair vinyl windows. You can only replace them. This drives up your window costs over time. Wood can be repaired, though. If you have wood windows, before you consider replacing them, reach out to a trusted contractor who offers wood window repairs. They can walk you through how they can repair any damage. They can also repaint your windows. This could end up saving you money in the long run.

Once In A Lifetime Painting can repair your wood windows. They understand that each job is different and can come to assess the state of your wood windows. From there, windows can be removed if wood rot needs to be repaired. If so, they can repair wood rot using chemical-free putties and fillers. Next, your windows will be oiled, waxed or repainted. In no time, they’ll look brand new, and you can keep the gorgeous aesthetic only wood windows can bring to a home.


Homeowners who replace their wood windows with vinyl have few esthetic options. Vinyl windows are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and mostly come in one colour: white. Vinyl that is coloured could fade over time if it’s not high-quality or treated correctly. On top of this, some might feel that vinyl also doesn’t have wood’s style charm. This is another downside.

On the other hand, wood windows, which are usually made from Douglas Fir or pine, already come with that classic wood style. Moreover, your wood windows can also be painted any colour at any time. This gives you more freedom over the design of your home.

Longer lifespan

Typically, vinyl windows have a life expectancy of about 35 years. This is a long time, but wood actually has a much longer lifespan. Wood can last for decades longer than vinyl can. Some wood windows can last for 60 years. Furthermore, wood-framed windows in good shape and sealed properly have excellent thermal performance. However, if the wood is warped and not air-tight, you’ll need to opt for a repair (or replacement if necessary).

Painters in Winnipeg

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