The benefits of pro painting for interior and exterior  

It’s no secret that renovations can significantly boost curb appeal and overall resale value. When it comes to interior or exterior changes, it can be hard to choose. If both are in need, consider the benefits of doing a painting renovation to get those results. 

AD Painting and Decoration in Vancouver is a professional residential and commercial painting company. They share the benefits of hiring their pros to help paint your home both inside and out:

Boost resale inside and out 

Painting your home is a great way to give it a whole new look and boost its value at the same time. Exterior repainting will help increase your home’s curb appeal and make it more likely to attract buyers. An interior paint job can quickly clean up and modernize your home, without the cost of a major renovation. If you’re planning to sell, use warm, neutral shades that let buyers imagine themselves in the space. Light shades or white tones are also a great way to make a room feel bigger or brand new.

Cost-effective renovations 

If nothing needs repairs or replacing in your house, but you’re tired of the same look, paint it! A new colour, some designer trim or even new cabinet colours, will completely refresh your home. You can also change the style of your home with the right colour choices. Paint covers dings, stains, and other benefits on your walls while keeping them protected by moisture inside and out. It’s also a faster and less expensive renovation compared to a full remodel, but can still completely change the look of your home.

You get professional tips 

When you hire a professional painting company, it’s not only their skills that you get but also their design tips. Interior painting is about finding accent shades, giving the illusion of more space, or creating a colour flow between rooms. Factors such as lighting and furniture will also affect the best choice of paint colours.

Painting the outside of your home is more about curb appeal and complementing the house’s architectural style. It is also about ensuring your home is well protected from the elements and well maintained. The right colour can make your home seem bigger or grander, or the right trim helps make those windows and doors pop. If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry, because a professional can help. They have years of experience when it comes to finding the right colours and designs to perfectly suit your home. 

Painters in Vancouver 

Open, honest communication and quality work are all guaranteed when you work with AD Painting and Decoration. Once they know your goals, they’ll handle the rest of the work for you. They offer everything from interior and exterior painting to deck staining along with peace of mind with their quality work. If transformative painting is what you need, they are the company to call. 

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