The benefits of replacing your windows during an exterior renovation

If you’re renovating your home’s exterior, consider new windows and doors. Not only will they help complete the look and enhance curb appeal, but they’ll improve efficiency. Because most energy escapes out the window, upgrading to energy-efficient windows will improve thermal performance and bring down your monthly bills.

Read more about the benefits of including a window replacement in your exterior renovation:

Boost home efficiency

As mentioned, your home’s windows are the main cause of lost energy in both the summer and the winter. According to Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), windows, doors, and skylights are responsible for up to 35% of energy lost in a home. We endure a long, cold winter, which means higher energy bills and more significant strain on your HVAC system. Choosing energy-efficient ENERGY STAR certified windows could help you save up to 45% on your energy bills, according to NRCAN data.

Increase your home’s value

Upgraded windows are one of the first things a buyer will check out when investigating your home for sale. Because a full-home window replacement is a large investment, it’s not something a buyer will want to do unless they have to. Finding a home with new windows is a huge selling point. Plus, it boosts curb appeal and will help your home stand out on the market. New windows and doors can improve property value and help your home compete in the real estate market.

Protect furniture

If your home still has older single-pane windows, they do little to protect your floors and furniture from damaging UV. Single-pane windows only reflect 25% of UV light and that UV will start to face furniture fast. Plus, those old windows are letting in all the heat in the summer and causing your air conditioner to work much harder than it should be.

New, energy-efficient windows come with a low-E coating. This coating, combined with a solid double-paned window, will reflect the UV to the outside. Not only does it protect your furniture and flooring from damage, but it also helps keep your home cool in the summer. The best part is, that coating reflects the heat into your home during the cold months.

Noise reduction and safety

Noise reduction and privacy are additional benefits to new windows. Triple-pane windows can significantly help with noise reduction. The multiple layers of glass and the added space between each pane dampens’ sound as it passes through. And, using laminated glass—which has an extra layer of plastic—adds another sound barrier. Noise-reducing windows are terrific if you live on a busy street. Having that sound control will make your home feel more peaceful.

New windows can also add security to your home. Casement windows, for example, can only be opened by using their crank mechanism located on the inside of the window. New casement windows can deter intruders for this reason.

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