The benefits of triple-pane window replacements

Window technology has come a long way, especially regarding energy efficiency. Single-pane windows were the residential standard for quite some time. But those eventually became double-pane windows with a layer of argon gas in the middle. Windows are now available as both double pane and triple pane (still commonly filled with argon). But are there benefits to that extra pane of glass and layer of gas?

Sunbusters in Calgary are a window replacement company that can help you upgrade to triple-pane glass for your home. Their professionals know there are many benefits to making the switch.

Benefits of triple-pane windows

Improved airflow

Triple-pane windows are, overall, much better for energy efficiency. This is because the triple pane glass allows less solar heat to enter your home in the summer. Plus, triple-pane windows are better at keeping the heat in your home in the winter. This means running your furnace at lower heat in the winter or using your air conditioner less. Better energy efficiency in your home means two more benefits to you: lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

Less noise

Live on a busy street? Triple pane window replacements, like those offered by Sunbusters in Calgary, can help block out the city noise. Triple pane glass has better soundproofing capabilities than any other windows. And this soundproofing won’t affect the look of the windows in any way! Triple-pane windows and their ability to keep out noise can also be helpful during the windiest or stormiest days.

The new windows look better.

Professional window replacements can improve your house’s look, style, and curb appeal. Sunbusters can access a large selection of double and triple-pane windows to suit any home’s exterior style.

The returns on your investment

As mentioned above, you will see lower energy bills with triple-pane windows. Again, this is a result of simply using less energy, thanks to the ratings of triple-pane windows. A second opportunity for seeing a return on investing in window replacements is selling your home. New, exceptionally energy-efficient windows are a great selling feature.

Windows in Calgary

If you think you are ready to make the switch and receive the benefits of triple pane window replacements, then the Sunbusters team of experts is here to help. Sunbusters is the only JELD-WEN-certified window company in Canada. Their access to Jeld-wen triple and double pane products provides Calgary homeowners with a selection of aluminum, vinyl, and hybrid windows in various styles. Plus, they offer additional renovation services like window covering installation, roofing, and siding. Their consultation process for any of these renovations aims to educate you on the best options for your home.

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