The benefits of using drywall for your renovation

When you renovate your home, you want to choose materials and ideas that will add value. Using drywall, for example, is one such material that is a great way to transform your home, while adding value. Plus, drywall is an easy and diverse material to work with, making it the perfect renovation addition.

Lifestyle Drywall in Calgary is a professional and high-quality drywall company. They share the benefits of using drywall in your home renovation.

Budget-friendly option

If you have major plans for your renovations or just minor repairs, drywall is still the best cost-effective material. Both the material and the time needed to build it will take and cost less, as will any labour expenses as a result. Some types of drywall installation and projects can even be a DIY job, if you have the time and skills. Repairs are also a quick and simple matter when it comes to drywall costs. Drywall is typically installed in large sections, but repairs can be done without needing to remove entire sections.

Fast and simple installation

Any renovation that needs construction work is a disruptive process, so the sooner it’s complete, the better. Drywall, though, no matter the project, is always quick and easy to install when done by a pro. The work involved with drywalling can also be less time consuming than other building materials. Since drywall is a pre-constructed material, it can be cut and installed efficiently. Drywall contractors, especially, will be in and out in no time, so your renovation can continue smoothly.

Sound insulation and soundproofing

One of the biggest benefits of choosing drywall, in this case, is its natural soundproofing and insulation. Drywall will work for both walls and ceilings, meaning you can use it anywhere in your home. For basement ceilings, for example, the drywall will help prevent sounds from travelling. The last thing you want in your basement is conversations or footsteps to carry loudly between floors. Likewise, drywall is quite efficient at insulating a home, making it more energy-efficient in turn.

Creative design freedom

Drywall can also double in its function, such as being used as shelving or as a half-wall in kitchens. Since drywall is an easy material to work with, it can be cut and sized for any design. Ceilings, for example, are another widespread use of drywall and one that can easily transform a room. Removing your old popcorn ceiling for a sleek, clean drywall ceiling, will add a more modern, attractive appeal.

Any finish will work

Drywall, when finished, has a light grey surface that can readily be painted or decorated. For example, either paint or patterned wallpaper can dress up the finished look of drywall. Other finishing ideas include adding textures. Much like the textures added to drywall ceilings, the same can be used on walls for quite the feature finish.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

At Lifestyle Drywall, they only believe in giving their customers 100% in all that they provide. From the best quality of service to the best customer care, they always strive to give their all. When you work with Lifestyle Drywall, you will have absolute peace of mind and confidence in their skills. They can help with building home additions, repairs, basement development and much more. Whatever you or your home needs, they can help!

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