The best rooms for carpet flooring

The flooring you choose for each room will affect it’s both it’s looks and ambiance. You must choose a flooring that suits your lifestyle and practical needs, but something that adds beauty and comfort to the home too.

Carpet flooring is a great choice for many reasons. It’s timeless, comes in a wide range of styles, textures and colours and feels comfortable under your feet. That said, carpet performs better in some rooms more than others. For example, high-traffic and high-spill zones like the kitchen and bathroom should not have carpet flooring.

Floors2You in Edmonton shares their tips on the best rooms to install carpet:


Carpet feels warm and comfortable under your feet, which is something you want when you’re first getting up on a chilly morning. Hardwood and tile floors can feel cold and hard underfoot, which is why many homeowners choose to add the comfort of carpet to their bedrooms. Floors2You can show you a wide range of carpet styles and colours to help you create a cozy retreat in your bedroom.


Carpet, with a thick underlay, can turn a cold basement into a place of comfort and relaxation. The right carpet can transform your basement into a functional living space. Use it for a family room, home theatre or playroom and enjoy your soft carpet flooring underfoot.

Carpeting the stairs leading to the basement is also a good idea. It provides good traction, making the stairs safer. It will also give good transition from the main level to downstairs.

Tip: For the basement, choose a light-coloured carpet. This will help expand and lighten the space.

Family Room

While many homes have hardwood flooring in their main living areas, including a formal living room, family rooms or bonus spaces are well suited for carpet flooring. Carpet can create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for lounging. If your family room or living room gets a lot of traffic from your family, talk to Floors2You about an extra durable, long-lasting carpet option.


Kids are more likely to stay in a room and play longer if they feel comfortable. Putting carpet in a playroom, or a designated area where kids play, will give them a cozy place to sit, lay and play on the floor. Again, you’ll want to choose a carpet that can handle a lot of play (and wear and tear). You should also choose a colour that can hide stains, especially if you’re children like to colour and paint!

Flooring Companies in Edmonton

Floors2You has been specializing in successful residential, restoration and commercial flooring projects for well over a decade. With 30+ years of combined experience between owners, sales staff and installers, their “Commitment to Excellence” provides for both very satisfied customers and their referrals.

Visit their showroom at 10607-172 street in Edmonton. You can also have a visit from their mobile showroom so you can have flooring samples brought right to your home.

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