The Best Times of Year to Have Home Service Done

By Men in Kilts, Calgary, AB

The age-old question: when does my home require service(s)? What are the best times of year for window cleaning, gutter cleaning and other big chores?

Well, we thought we’d help you out by putting together an outline of the best times of year to receive various services on your home. The weather impacts your homes needs in a big way and we realize that. There are times (unfortunately) that we can’t clean your windows or gutters, but that just means that your home is likely in need of other services.

Check out the Men in Kilts ‘mock schedule’ below for service to keep your home in tip-top shape all year round!



Snow Removal – Commercial & Residential:  In the wintertime, depending on your location, snow can be a big hassle. Let Men In Kilts take care of your driveways or commercial properties and keep yourself warm inside. We have lots of options to offer you a full season of snow removal at great prices, with reliable, insured technicians.

Window Cleaning:  If snow isn’t an issue for you, then we can clean windows all the way down to -9F or -23C!

Christmas Light Installation:  Who does not want to deck up their home a bit to get into the Holiday Spirit? We suggest installing your X Mas Lights at the end of fall and very beginning of Winter, before the snow hits. Once temperatures drop and everything freezes over, it becomes a bit difficult to attach them.


Window Cleaning:  The spring is a great time to have your windows cleaned. Wash away all the harshness of winter and let that fresh warm sunlight shine in through clear windows. A cleaning after the severe cold weather will improve the lifespan of your windows.

Gutter Cleaning:  The spring is also a great time of year for a gutter cleaning because winter and its ugly weather cause havoc to your gutters. Cold temperatures cause your gutters and the gunk inside them to freeze and thaw repeatedly and you will want to get that mess out of there to allow for rain and debris to flow through them with ease. If you fail to remove the debris, it will cause a build-up in your gutters, which will eventually ruin your homes foundation.


Siding Cleaning:  After April showers and the general wetness of spring ends, summer is a great time to have your siding cleaned. All that rain leaves its mark on your home, so having it washed away will allow your home to ‘breathe’ again and improve the longevity of your siding!

Pressure Washing:  After your driveway, patios and walkways have endured all the snow, rain, mud and whatever else throughout the cold winter and rainy spring, it is time to give them some TLC. Summer is the best time to get rid of the grime and mildew that has built up around your home, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful patio throughout the summer.


Window Cleaning:  As the weather starts to cool down and rain begins to fall again, having your windows cleaned is a good idea. Not only does cleaning them leave the windows shiny, but technicians will also check for air leaks and damage around the windows from that harsh sun, that will help keep warmth inside throughout the cold months.

Gutter Cleaning:  The fall is an obvious choice for gutter cleaning because the leaves start falling and you can’t have them clogging up your gutters throughout the dreary winter. Making sure they are free from debris before snow or rain begins to fall, is a smart idea.

Year Round

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: This can be done anytime during the year. Carpets bear the brunt of daily use and over time they can get stained and dull. Our Truck Mounted Steam Cleaner is ideal for giving your carpets a makeover and have them looking bright again!

Blinds Cleaning: This is another service that you can opt for year round! Our Ultrasonic cleaner is truck mounted ( and the only one in the city) which means we can come around and clean your Blinds at your home itself, saving you the time of taking them down and putting them back up once the Cleaning is done! The best thing about it is the antistatic residue in the water stops the dust from settling back onto the blinds right away!

Mock Cleaning Schedule

The above ‘mock schedule’ is just that; a suggestion! Depending on where you live in North America, your requirements may change and of course you never know what the seasons and weather will bring.

Our general rule of thumb is to have, at the bare minimum, your windows cleaned twice a year, and all of our other services such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning and siding cleaning done once a year, unless you are able to spoil your home with a more frequent cleaning!

The good news is that yes, in some cases we can offer all of our services year round. Men In Kilts is able to clean windows all the way down to -9F (or -23C), clean gutters until they are frozen and pressure wash until the water stops running!

Thinking about having some work done on your home now?   Learn more about Men in Kilts on our profile.

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