The Cost of a Cabinet Refacing in Oakville: A Guide

Is your kitchen in need of a change that will spruce it up a bit? Cabinet refacing may be for you.

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Here you will learn how much you should expect to pay for cabinet refacing in Oakville, but first it’s important to understand what exactly is cabinet refacing.


What to Know About Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is different than replacing or painting. A full replacement is where the entire cabinet, exterior door and interior compartment, is replaced, hence the name. Painting refers to only surface work, while the cabinets themselves remain unaltered.

On the other hand, cabinet refacing is when you keep the cabinet boxes but replace the doors and drawer fronts. It can create the look of new cabinets altogether.

Cabinet refacing gives you the ability to completely revamp the look of your cabinets without having to pay for a total replacement. This is particularly useful if the internal compartments are in good condition.

It’s often an aesthetic move, as refacing allows you to alter the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. Doing so can change the look of your kitchen entirely.

From on-site preparation to cabinet preparation to installation, the procedure is designed with superior craftsmanship in mind, so don’t stress that a refacing won’t get the job done.

Cabinet Refacing in Oakville

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What’s It Going to Cost?

Reports from HomeAdvisor note that the average national cost a homeowner will pay for cabinet refacing is $6684. Note, this is for the United States, but Canada will be very similar.

The primary indicator of cost is the number of cabinets that need to be replaced. From there, it’s the material that matters. Solid wood, for instance, is going to cost significantly more than something with plastic laminate.

Refer to this guide to get a better understanding of how much your refacing will cost and why it costs that.

Costs vary widely, but expect to pay $4000 to $9000 to reface all your kitchen cabinets. Again, this is determined by the number of cabinets in your kitchen and the materials the cabinets are made of.

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