The Cost of a Whole Home Reno

Written by Peak Improvements in Edmonton

How Much Can a Whole House Renovation Cost in Edmonton?

Many homeowners are planning more than a small home renovation project. Your neighbor in Edmonton make be thinking of undertaking an entire house renovation in upcoming months. Recent statistics show that:

  • More than 70 per cent of Canadian homeowners are thinking of redecorating;
  • 40 per cent want to build an addition or remodel; and
  • 10 per cent want to construct a custom home.

Costs can easily add up as homeowners tie in newly designed kitchens to the rest of the home or attempt to improve the flow in a home. Significant planning and preparation go into an entire home renovation. Understand more about whole house renovations and their potential costs today.

Costs for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Homeowners can easily underestimate the time and money involved in some of the projects with the highest priority. Canadians can expect a kitchen renovation to come in at an average of $46,000. This can be at the low end as prices can easily increase when considering a redesign of neighboring bathrooms, with an additional average outlay of $26,800 per bathroom.

The number of bathrooms and any washroom to be added or renovated can quickly increase the price tag on the project. Expenses involved in renovating living space is generally less than for kitchen or bathrooms as there is generally little to be done when it comes to mechanical upgrades.

Additional Factors When Estimating Costs

There are many factors to be considered when estimating the overall cost. A homeowner may choose high-end flooring, fixtures, energy-efficient appliances and windows, additional insulation and more. This translates to wide range of costs, from as low as $75 to over $200 per square foot for the entire project. There are times when handy homeowners may choose to do some smaller projects themselves, helping to reduce costs, while others decide to contract out the entire renovation.

Planning a Whole House Renovation

Are you ready to start planning and designing your home renovation? Working with a design-build firm can guide you every step of the way from concept to completion. The key to a successful whole house renovation is starting with a rock solid plan. Avoid surprise expenses and delays when you first consider all the objectives and costs that come with the home renovation of your dreams.

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