The difference between drain cleaning and sewer cleaning

Keeping your drains and sewer lines clean is essential to maintaining your plumbing system. If things get clogged, you can have a sewer backup, and that is not something you want! It’s important to invest in preventative drain maintenance, so your plumbing keeps moving water in and out of your house as it is supposed to.

OP Plumbing in Winnipeg shares the difference between drain cleaning and sewer cleaning:

What is drain cleaning?

Your drains work together to remove wastewater from your home. The kitchen sink, bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet and showers all bring water down to the sewer line. For sinks, the water will travel through a p-trap first.

Drains can get clogged by several things. The biggest culprits are food, oil and grease, hair, and non-flushable things that get flushed down the toilet like wipes and sanitary products. Whatever you send down the sink, or down the toilet, has to travel through the pipes all the way to the sewer line. If it gets clogged along the way, it will require a physical drain cleaning. If you find that more than one of your drains is draining slowly or appears clogged, you probably need sewer cleaning. Read how to prevent clogs in your drains.

What is sewer cleaning?

The sewer line brings all the wastewater from the various drains in your home and sends it away from your house to the sewer. Then it runs through the sewer, all the way to the city’s water treatment plant where it is treated.

Sewer lines are larger than regular drain pipes. Still, sometimes they accumulate buildup from the stuff you are letting go down the sink or down the toilet. The biggest problem that occurs in sewer lines is a buildup of grease, oil, and fat. That is why it is essential to store your cooking fat and oil in a jar. Then throw it in the garbage. If you let it down the sink, it will slowly build up along the sides of the pipes and eventually cause a clog.

Roots from trees can also damage and block sewer lines. The root can grow right through the line seeking water and can cause drainage issues. If this happens and it is not on your property, sometimes the municipality will take care of the sewer line cleaning and repair expense. If it occurs on your property, it will be your responsibility to have it cleaned and fixed.

Drains and Sewer Cleaning in Winnipeg

If you notice your drains are running slow, call in OP Plumbing in Winnipeg for a drain cleaning as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a back up in your basement. They can give your drain and sewer line a rooter service, to ensure water flows properly out of your house.

OP Plumbing also offers a full range of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services, as well as HVAC services. Whether you need a repair, installation or are embarking on a renovation – they can help!

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