The do’s and don’ts of caring for your rubber paving

As an all-in-one driveway paving option, it’s no surprise that rubber paving is so popular among homeowners. It’s durable, long-lasting, safe and eco-friendly which is always a plus to have. Plus, since it’s made from rubber, it’s also both strong and flexible. Best of all, it’s extremely low maintenance. That being said, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when caring for your rubber paving.

Concrete Options in Edmonton are a locally owned and operated paving company. They share some tips when it comes to maintaining and caring for your new rubber paving:

Do: give it a regular sweeping or wash

Much like any other driveway or surface, you don’t want it to gather dust and debris. Not only is this unsightly, but if left alone for too long, it can result in some serious cleanup. Allowing dirt and dust build-up will also eventually affect the appearance of your rubber paving. Instead of looking new and clean, it’ll look dull and dirty. This will affect the overall appearance of your home and lower that curb appeal. That’s why a simple sweep or wash from the garden hose will help all around!

Do: wash out any stains

Rubber paving is much more resilient against stains than concrete, but you should still remove any stains. Things such as oil spills, tire marks, spilled paint or other things can mark the surface of your rubber. Luckily, a simple scrub with soap and water will help remove any marks. Since rubber paving also doesn’t retain water, you won’t have to worry about drying anything. Just wait for a sunny day to do your cleaning and let the sun dry it out after!

Do: use a plastic shovel to remove snow

Another benefit of rubber paving is that you won’t have to deal with ice build-up in the winter! Even in the winter months, rubber paving is easy to take care of and maintain. It is recommended though to use a plastic shovel to clear any snow. You can also still use a snowblower without risk, but make sure it has plastic and not metal edges. While rubber paving is durable, it’s still not recommended to intentionally use sharp, metal against it. This can cause unwanted damage and repairs.

Don’t: use acid-based cleaning products

Using acid-based products risks your rubber paving becoming discoloured or even damaged. It’s also generally not necessary to use such strong products since rubber cleans so easily. If, however, you do need or want to use a cleaner, make sure it has an acid-free base! In general, a soap and water combination will do the trick just as well.

Don’t: use the highest setting on your pressure washer

High-pressure washers are a popular tool when you really want to deep clean your driveway, patio or walkway. That being said, while rubber paving is built to be impact resistant, it’s better to avoid high-pressure washers. If proper care isn’t taken into consideration, you can end up damaging your rubber instead. Instead, turn the setting to a low-pressure washing, which is safer to use on your rubber surfacing.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

As a locally owned and operated business, Concrete Options prides itself on providing quality service. They only use all recycled tires and have several colors to give you an eco-friendly and durable paving option. Instead of replacing your old surface, they will repair and resurface it for a longer-lasting result.

Don’t hesitate to contact Concrete Options today!

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