The Five Benefits of Custom Homes

Written by Classic Residential Designs Inc.

Ready for that dream home? Today’s homebuyer is spoiled for choice—what with existing, semi-custom and custom homes to choose from, you could spend months picking the right one for you!

But there is only one king of the hill—the custom home. The benefits of working with a reputable designer to build your very own custom home will give you a sense of long-lasting satisfaction that is second to none.

Let’s look at five benefits of custom homes:


Let’s say you’re looking at buying an existing home. Did you consider the costs of renovations, repairs and maintenance? It is a used house after all! And what about the surprise repairs you didn’t notice when you first signed on the dotted line? There will certainly be some of those. If you consider a semi-custom home, the initial price might seem reasonable, but as soon as you expand or modify existing plans, costs can skyrocket. With a custom house you and your designer will draft, plan and build your home within a predetermined budget. And all along the process you can monitor the costs with your builder to make sure there are no surprises.

Fully customized.

You will never achieve the same level of personal satisfaction renovating a house that was built for someone else. No matter how hard you try, the original owner’s stamp will always be on that house. A custom house is the real deal. It carries all of your personality and is uniquely yours from the size of rooms, number of windows, colours and choice of flooring to the appliances, siding and doorknob style. It’s you.

Energy efficiency.

Building codes and the quality of materials are evolving at an astounding rate to keep up with the need to make homes more energy efficient. A custom home in Edmonton today with it’s Low-E windows, high-efficiency furnaces, AC and water heaters, low-consumption appliances, insulated garage doors—you get the picture—will be less expensive to live in and leave a much smaller carbon footprint than a house built even five years ago!

Quality assured.

Because you work in tandem with your designer as the house goes up, you know exactly what materials are going into the house and who is doing the work. This means fewer sleepless nights wondering about the quality of your future dream home!

You’re protected!

A new custom home in Edmonton is protected by the new home warranty program. That means you can rest easy knowing you are covered if there are any issues with the home.

Let Classic Residential Design help you get your custom home project in Edmonton off the ground. With over 25 years of experience we can help you make your dream custom home in Edmonton become a reality!

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