The importance of a landscaping budget

If you’re planning a backyard overhaul, the first place you should start is by creating a budget. Your budget should include the details you’d like to see in your landscape design. An experienced landscaping company can assist you with both the design plan and budget creation.

JPL Earthworks Inc. in Edmonton is a full-service landscaping company. They share more about the importance and value of a landscaping budget.

A budget ensures you don’t overspend

Without a firm budget in place, it’s easy to make changes that result in overspending. A landscape professional will help you take inventory of everything that will be involved with your project. Having a clear idea of what you have and what you need makes creating a budget easier.

A landscaper might be able to repurpose a part of your current landscape. They’ll also make a detailed list of materials, supplies, equipment required and estimate labour costs, so you know exactly how much each part of your project will cost. Having this detailed list eliminates mistakes, purchasing the wrong thing, and other issues that can result in overspending.

A budget allows you to splurge on features that add value

A budget will cover important things like drainage, hardscape installation, and sod, but it can also ensure that you reserve money for those value-adding features. Think about the landscape features that you’ll enjoy the most. It might be an outdoor patio set up for lounging, a relaxing water feature, or a rustic firepit area. Knowing how much these high-value features cost will make sure there’s room in your spending to cover it and still finish the rest of your landscape design.

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Budget for professional landscape design and installation

One of the most expensive mistakes a homeowner can make is attempting to DIY a significant landscape project. While it’s possible to do some of the work yourself, investing in professional services can be valuable. It’s common for DIY landscapers to complete work in pieces, and this often results in a landscape that doesn’t have a good flow or significant costly mistakes. A professional can help you envision the entire yard and design a plan that clearly shows each step in the project to help you achieve the primary goal.

They’ll also ensure you allocate funds to things you might not be aware of. For example, you might not have the correct grade, which will lead to poor drainage issues and flooding. Or, you might accidentally skip a critical step and will have to demolish and rebuild parts of your landscape to fix it.

A budget will allow some wiggle room for additional expenses

You should always include a little room for unforeseen expenses in your landscaping budget. Sometimes an unfortunate surprise will require extra spending. You might also learn about a more expensive feature than the one you chose and want to splurge on it. Having this extra room in the budget allows for these things to get the quality landscaping you want.

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