Installing new hardwood flooring can be a big job during the renovation process. With several different types to choose from, to the installation process, there’s many aspects to consider. Before installing the new flooring, however, it’s of upmost importance to make sure the floor is level. Here are some reasons why, from Flawless Flooring Installation Ltd. in Edmonton.

It’s easier to install

When installing new flooring on a surface that isn’t level, the materials may be difficult to cooperate with. For example with hardwood installation, the pieces may pop out, and not hold in the way you want. Making sure the ground is level will make the installation process an easy one, giving you one less project to worry about.

It’s important to note that you should be careful with the materials, and not force them into place. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.

There’s less of a chance for future problems

With floors that aren’t level, bending and buckling is more likely to occur. Ensuring that the floor is level will cause less stress on the materials in use, and prevent any damage on the textiles. As well, the flooring may squeak or bounce when it’s being walked on. This is a sign that the sub-flooring needs to be leveled.

It’s a simple fix

Different leveling compounds, filling cracks, or sanding can be a quick and easy fix for uneven floors. Doing it the night or day before installing the hardwood will ensure the surface is smooth. This way, the installation process with go without a hitch, and lasting for many years to come.

Flooring in Edmonton

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