The importance of a sound building envelope

If you’re renovating an exterior, good planning ensures that your home’s efficiency and protection meet a high standard. That’s where the importance of a good building envelope comes into play. Ensuring your building envelop is in prime condition is vital before installing new siding.

DC Exteriors in Calgary are professional siding contractors knowledgeable in building envelopes. They share the importance of having a good building envelope on your home as a foundation for your new siding.

What is a building envelope? 

A building envelope refers to a layer of protection in your home that keeps the interior separate from the exterior. It also helps with climate control and includes the windows, doors, roof, flooring, foundations, and insulation. Most importantly, energy-efficient upgrades are simply wasted without a sound building envelope. For example, a high-efficiency HVAC system or insulation upgrade won’t be as effective without this sound seal.

Provides support

From a structural point of view, the building envelope provides strength and rigidity support. Specifically, it helps with how well your home can handle external loads and forces without becoming damaged or broken. These supports are found in the walls, roof, windows, and doors. A good and experienced contractor will ensure your home’s envelope is sound from the start. A good envelope also sets up the crucial foundation for siding and must be considered before your siding replacement.

Temperature control

Another crucial role of the building envelope is reducing the home’s thermal, air, and moisture levels. Thermal refers to the amount of energy lost in a home through the walls. Wood studs, for example, are highly conductive, so more heat can escape despite having sound insulation in place. As a result, the energy spent on cooling or heating your home is wasted.

Air control is likewise an issue with ‘leaks’ in your home that allow air to enter or escape unwantedly. Interior moisture can be especially problematic by allowing moisture to condense between the walls. If that happens, the risk of mould developing grows and can cause costly issues. A secure building envelope negates all of these problems and keeps your home sealed and secured.

How to boost

Modern doors, energy-efficient windows, and improved roofing can improve the envelope. They also boost the visual appeal of your home as a secondary benefit. With top-of-the-line additions and materials, your home looks better visually and functionally. If you ever plan to sell, it’s a great selling point to have a sound building envelop with low bills and high energy efficiency.

Siding contractors in Calgary

DC Exteriors in Calgary have been providing stellar service and support to their customers since 2016. They specialize in fibre cement, James Hardie Siding, and building envelopes. They take pride in placing safety and satisfaction above all when they answer your call for help. So, whether you need upgrades, information, or support, you can trust their team.

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