The Importance of Fire System Maintenance

A simple, but important feature of any home or building is the smoke detectors and in some buildings, sprinkler systems. Sometimes the system may go without the proper maintenance for long periods of time. Kantra Electric in Calgary shares reasons why it’s important to maintain your residential, commercial or industrial building’s fire alarm system, and what you can do to keep everything in check. 

Annual inspections

Hiring an electrician for an annual inspection is one of the best ways to maintain your fire system. An electrician will be able to make any repairs, replacements, and provide you with any information as to what you can do to keep your system in check. An easy way to maintain your home’s fire alarm system is to regularly change the batteries in smoke detectors. Some buildings may have more advanced systems installed, however, where it’s not that simple.

Kantra Electric is a distributor of the Maple Armour system. It can be used in residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Being a more advanced system, an annual inspection by an electrician can ensure it’s functioning properly. 

Repairs and replacements ASAP

If you notice issues with the system, it’s important to repair or replace any broken components of the system as soon as possible. This could look like anything from a damaged sprinkler to a malfunctioning panel. An electrician should be called if anything appears to be broken or is dated. Otherwise, your home or building may be vulnerable if something were to happen. Regularly check your home’s fire safety system, ensuring that everything is functioning properly, and make sure that’s part of your regular building maintenance schedule. 

Talking with an electrician

Kantra Electric has a well-trained team that knows their stuff about fire system safety. Not only will they be able to provide you with all the information you need about your building’s system, but they can teach you what warning signs to look for, and how to maintain it. They can also ensure everything is up to code, and functioning properly. Talk to an electrician at Kantra Electric, and get to know your building’s fire safety system. 

They can also provide you with a quote installing the Maple Armour system in your building. They’ll ensure you have the fire alarm system that meets your building’s needs, at a competitive price. When you work with Kantra Electric, you’ll learn about the new fire system and rest easy with their ongoing service and a solid warranty.

Electricians in Calgary

Whether you’re looking for electrical services for new construction, or just looking to do some minor renovations, Kantra Electric has the solutions to fit your budget. They offer competitive pricing, reliability, efficiency, quality, and knowledge in the changing industry. Whether it be a residential, commercial, or industrial project, they’re there to help!

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