The Importance of Proper Ventilation In Your Home

When undergoing a home project, ventilation probably isn’t at the forefront of homeowners’ minds. However, proper ventilation around your home is incredibly important. Dechamplain Heating and Ventilation in Edmonton shares reasons why proper ventilation is key in different rooms around your home. 


In the kitchen, there’s typically a vent above the stove for a few reasons. First and foremost, it removes steam, grease particles, and heat from the space when you’re cooking. In addition, kitchen ventilation ensures these particles don’t become trapped in your walls and ceiling, as well as improve the air quality in the space. When your stovetop gets hot, the air grows thicker and makes it difficult to stay around the stove. Excessive heat can also make your smoke alarm more likely to go off, causing a headache nobody wants. A duct above your stove fan and vent directs the steam and heat outside your home, keeping the air in your kitchen clearer. 

There are few types of vents you can use in your kitchen, depending on the size of the space or the style you’re looking for. These can be things like ducted or ductless hoods, as well as downdraft systems. No matter which one you choose, it’s important to have the proper ventilation for your kitchen. 


The bathroom is another room that needs proper ventilation. Bathrooms are typically smaller rooms. When you take a shower, all the hot air has nowhere to go. It’ll create watermarks on your wall, and can lead to mildew or mould build-up on the ceiling. Mould is very hazardous and can cause health problems for those in your home, and damage the structural integrity of your home. Proper ventilation can help take care of these problems, as the hot air will have somewhere to go. 

Air cleaners

If you find yourself in a space that needs more ventilation and want to save some money on ductwork and ventilation costs, air cleaners, or air purifiers, are an easy way to do so. While not as much as ductwork ventilation, it’ll help to improve the air quality. Air cleaners have filters that will need to be cleaned regularly but are relatively low maintenance. If you have questions about air cleaners and the best product for your home, connect with Dechamplain Heating and Ventilation.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Dechamplain Heating and Ventilation is a family-run business that has serviced the Greater Edmonton area since 2006. They provide expert, energy-efficient solutions for your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. They can install garage heaters, HRV, air cleaners, humidifiers, bathroom fans and kitchen exhaust. Every job is custom, and they offer the best prices to every customer, every day.

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