The importance of regular eavestrough maintenance

Maintaining your roofing system is so much more than just repairing and replacing shingles. It is made up of several parts such as gutters, downspouts, fascia, and soffits. It’s important to do regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that the system works as it’s meant to. When those systems fail, it could impact ventilation, energy efficiency, property value, and even make your home more prone to water damage.

The Gutter Doctor in Calgary has tips on spots to regularly inspect to maintain your home’s eavestrough system.

Inspect the fascia and soffits

Making sure your fascia and soffits are in good condition is paramount to your eavestrough system. If you have noticed that bowing or that parts are pulling away from your roof, this could be a sign that you need to have maintenance done. Your eavestroughs are attached to the fascia. It’s important to keep your eavestroughs in the proper position so that water doesn’t get into your attic or spill over and pool around your foundation.

Your soffits are the section of the roofing system that runs under the eaves and overhangs. It plays a role in ventilating your attic, which can reduce harmful moisture buildup. When your soffits are damaged, it could be impacting your ventilation system. Plus, drooping and damaged soffits are an eyesore. Doing a regular inspection of the fascia and soffits is an important part of keeping your whole system efficient.

Importance of gutter cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean is one of the easiest things you can do to protect your home from water and foundation damage. By ensuring that water flows properly and there isn’t a build-up of debris, your system can avoid failures. Without clear gutters, water from rain and snow will flow over the side of the gutter and pool around your home’s foundation. With enough water, it could start to leak into the basement and cause damage.

Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your downspout, as clogs can happen here as well. Your downspouts should effectively lead water away from the home. If you’re not sure about the state or effectiveness of your eavestroughs and downspouts, call The Gutter Doctor. They can inspect your system, offer cleaning services, repairs, and will provide expert advice on how to maintain the system moving forward.

Install a gutter guard

A great preventative measure to keeping your eavestrough in good working order is by installing a gutter guard. These are covers that go over your home’s gutters to keep debris out but still allow water through. Don’t completely rely on the guards, though; you may need to go up and remove a build-up every so often. It’s also a good idea to do regular inspections on your gutters as well, even if there’s a cover.

Eavestroughs in Calgary

From gutter cleaning to eavestrough repairs, you want to hire a company you can trust. The Gutter Doctor prides itself on using top-quality materials to ensure a top-quality job. No small detail is overlooked when it comes to your home, and the dedication to perfectionism means the job is done right every time. Protect your home by committing to gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Call the Gutter Doctor with your eavestrough needs today.

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