The ins and outs of a gas boiler system

When buying or upgrading a new gas boiler, it’s important to understand the boiler first. With a gas boiler, the system, maintenance, and installation processes are all key to consider when choosing a quality and efficient option.

Rocky Mountain Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Calgary is a professional plumbing and heating company. They share more about how a gas boiler works and why professional installation is important.

How it works

Gas boilers are a smart choice when it comes to heating your home or business. Simply put, the boiler heats the water via a gas flame. When the pilot light is lit, it heats the water stored in the reservoir tank. A thermostat on the boiler can be set to heat the water at set times or manually as needed. A pipe runs from the boiler throughout your home for central heating boilers to distribute hot water or heat. The final piece of a gas boiler is the vent which releases harmful carbon monoxide caused by the combustion process outside of your home or building.

What to look for in a boiler

When buying a gas boiler, it’s important to pick the right match for your property and needs. Start with the size of your home and how much space you have for the boiler. Large homes with multiple bathrooms and a large family will need a larger boiler. If you have a small family, though, then a large boiler is a waste of space and money.

Efficiency is another key factor that will help with long-term savings and value. The higher the efficiency rating, the better the boiler can heat your home while lowering utility costs. That’ll also help ensure the boiler has a long lifespan without wearing itself out prematurely. An ENERGY STAR certified boiler is guaranteed to provide great savings and greater comfort during the winter.

What to look for in a professional installer

Like finding the right boiler, when looking for a professional to handle the installation, it’s important to find the right company. Check past reviews and projects to get an idea of their skill and qualifications. Look for a contractor who is also open to communicating with you on the best options, models and personal needs. Always check qualifications like licenses, certifications and insurances. A professional like Rocky Mountain Plumbing and Drain Cleaning will ensure your boiler is installed safely and properly. They can help you choose the right system for your property and will ensure it stays safe for years.

Plumbers in Calgary

The team at Rocky Mountain Plumbing and Drain Cleaning always puts its customer’s needs first. That means you get the best service, quality, care and attention to detail on every job, every time. With 50 years of experience and proven skill, you can safely place all your boiler needs in their hands.

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