The perfect look for your stock kitchen cabinets  

New kitchen cabinets are a great way to add a fresh look and value to your home, and stock cabinets are a budget-friendly choice. To add further value and appeal to your new cabinets, consider adding MDF panels for a unique look.

Quix Group in Winnipeg provides superior European decorative MDF-based panels. They can also produce plywood and particleboard stock cabinets and panels. They share some ways to use their decorative panels to dress up your kitchen stock cabinets:

What are stock cabinets? 

Unlike custom cabinets that choose the design and finish options, stock cabinets are pre-built cabinets or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. These cabinets come in set sizes and measurements and are ready to be installed in a few days. High-quality stock cabinets are built to be robust and durable, so while budget-friendly, you aren’t losing longevity. They can also conveniently be upgraded and updated with new hardware and accessories or looks like refacing with MDF panelling.

What are decorative panels?

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a type of engineered wood product. It is made by gluing hardwood and softwood fibres under high pressure and then compressing them into panels. Unlike real wood panels, MDF is much less expensive and can easily be customized with different designs and styles. It’s also a better base if you want to paint your cabinets, or in the case of new panelling, it’s an easy replacement. In addition to MDF, Quix Group can also produce particleboard and plywood products in their facility.

What is cabinet refacing?

While you can dress up your cabinets with new panels, you can also consider cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is when you keep your old cabinet boxes but replace the old doors and drawer fronts with something modern and new. Then, matching panels or finishing is applied to the exposed boxes to match the new doors. You can complete the look with new hardware too.

Acrylic panels 

Another type of stock cabinet panelling option is to choose acrylic, which is a great option for the kitchen. The acrylic finish is non-toxic and gives the panel a smooth, high-gloss appearance. It’s also scratch-resistant and doesn’t easily chip or crack. Add in that it’s available in a wide range of colours, and this panel adds a sleek, modern, and eye-catching new look. The mirror-like sheen creates the illusion of more space in your kitchen which is great in smaller spaces. Using acrylic panels on your top cabinets in a large kitchen will add a sense of height.

Lacquered UV panels 

If you don’t want the glossy look of acrylic, then the lacquered UV panels are a great alternative. These panels are waterproof, scratchproof, and steam resistant, making them great for a kitchen. The surface is hard and durable, and the UV protection ensures the look won’t fade over time. Like acrylic, lacquered comes in a nearly endless array of colours, so you can easily pair the right look to your kitchen. If you’re looking to add value or make a stylish long-term investment, lacquer is a great option. 

J-door appeal 

To pair style with convenience, look no further than the J-door. This option can be applied to all kinds of materials and looks great without a high cost. The handle design is integrated into a kitchen cabinet or drawer. The “J” shape in the cabinet creates the trademark hook-like feature, which is easy to pull open with ease. Even pairing a few doors in your kitchen with the J-door is a great way to play around with style and appeal and break up the look of the space. 

Stock Cabinets in Winnipeg 

Quix Group has been producing MDF, plywood, and particle board products for years and has the experience, trusted reliance and quality to back them. They proudly supply superior quality European decorative MDF-based panels to add new value and appeal to your home. In addition, their team specializes in high gloss and super matte surfaces and can guide you to the perfect new look.

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