The personal value of home automation

Home automation tends to be weighed and valued regarding its costs vs. value. While that is all relevant, there’s also the personal value and benefits of choosing home automation. Aside from the cost, which will pay for itself, the benefits to your lifestyle are a key deciding factor.

Citadel Domotics in Calgary is a professional home automation and security company. They share some of the personal benefits and value you will gain from home automation:

Improved energy efficiency

With home automation, you have better control over lighting, heating, cooling and overall monthly utility bills. Home automation comes with custom programming to turn heating and cooling on or off at certain times. For example, you can keep the heat lower while you’re away at work all day, and have the furnace kick in before you get home so it’s comfortable when you get there. It’s also linked to your phone, so no matter where you are, you can set your home’s setting with the push of a button. Now, you can rest easy knowing your new system is programmed for maximum energy savings.

Peace of mind

Have you ever left home and can’t remember if you locked the front door or turned off all the lights? Or maybe your kids are coming home early, so you want to ensure the doors are locked behind them. With home automation, you get absolute peace of mind by not worrying about any of that. You’ll receive notifications on your phone from the system. You can easily check for locked doors, and that the lights are off. It is just as easy to remotely set the lights to turn on at a certain time and to unlock the door if someone is dropping something off and relock it when they leave. Don’t worry about Wi-Fi access or reliability either. Citadel Domotics uses a Wi-Fi-free system, so there’s never any stress over accessing the system when you’re not at home.

Making memories with a home theatre

A home theatre is a lifestyle enhancement that your entire family will enjoy. With home automation, you can streamline your home theatre and optimize the experience.

Imagine the ease of settling down to watch a movie and not having to stand to turn off the lights or tackle multiple remotes for the sound. You can use the home automation system to dim the lights or check who’s ringing the doorbell without ever having to hit pause on your movie. It’s a great way to ensure that you can really unwind without unwanted interruptions – unless it’s time to make more popcorn!

It’s flexible to your needs

Don’t think that you have to pay for everything in a home automation upgrade right away. With a flexible system, you can easily start small with one or two features and see what works for you. Maybe you just want interior home control, or you want better security measures. Start by finding works and appeal to you the most before adding more features and upgrades. Many homeowners choose to ease into home automation, using the features that appeal to them the most first and going from there.

Home Automation in Calgary

Citadel Domotics prides itself on creating safe homes that are fully tailored to your home and goals. They evaluate every home and project based on their customer’s unique needs and goals to ensure complete satisfaction. Whether you want full home automation, a smart security system, or other home automation features, their team is ready and able to help.

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