The preparation and process of a professional paint job

Painting is one of the more common home renovation projects that homeowners attempt to DIY. While DIY painting is possible, you’ll achieve flawless results from experienced, professional painters in Surrey. One of the most important parts of any paint job is the preparation, followed by precision and quality control.

Blue Chip Painting in Surrey shares more:

The importance of preparation.

Preparation and can make or break your paint job. Preparation is sometimes the most time-consuming part of painting, but one of the most important. Typically, the difference between a professional-grade paint job and an amateur one is found in how the surface was prepared before any paint went on the wall. Take shortcuts in the prep-work, and you’ll pay the price in poor results.

Preparation for painting includes cleaning, scraping, filling, sanding, caulking and sometimes wallpaper removal. For the exterior, it could include power washing, algae, and moss removal. Once all blemishes have been filled and sanded, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned again. Dust, pet hair, dirt or even the smallest of debris can diminish the finished look of your paint job.

Drop sheets and protective masking are placed on floors, furniture and other items in the renovation space. This will help protect those things and make clean up easier.

Priming and painting with precision.

If you’re worried about your own DIY painting abilities, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache hiring a professional painter like Blue Chip Painting. They’ll use high-quality products, and help you determine if your walls need to be primed before painting. After the prep work is done, their highly trained and experienced painters will make short work of painting your home.

Like everything, practice makes perfect. With a steady hand and always consistent coverage, you’ll see how efficient professional painters in Surrey will be completing your painting project. You won’t have to worry about paint on the ceiling or trim, roller lines or gunk stuck in the final coat. A painting company is committed to quality control, ensuring the job is done correctly from start to finish. That is why Blue Chip Painting backs their work with their 5-2-1 Guarantee of Workmanship.

Thorough clean-up finishes the job.

Painting can be messy, but it is less so when you hire professional painters. The best part, they are responsible for all the cleanup! This includes clearing the space of drop cloths, cleaning up any sanding dust, cleaning all equipment and removing any tape that might have been used. When you come back into the finished room, it will be completely rejuvenated, but you won’t be able to tell painters had even been there.

If you don’t think you’re up for a DIY paint job, connect with Blue Chip Painting in Surrey.


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